Friday, June 1, 2007

A Billboard With Heart

I saw this billboard as I dropped my husband off for an eye exam. There were lots of trees around it... not "right out there" for the city to see. I hopped out of my car and got up close to see the whole thing (and of course record it with a photo). What a terrific message... what a great thought to carry through the day... what a deep thought to write down and tack above your desk and to think about. Pass it on to others! It says sooooo much!!

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pati said...


I love your billboard quote today. Thanks for taking the time to take the photo and add it to your Blog.

Also, thank you for your kind comments on my Peace Blog. It has been an eye opening challenge that I am really enjoying. It started with 365 quotes that Trisha Daily shared with Ali. As the months have gone by, I seem to be on a search, internal as well as external, to find the peace quotes. I just wish I had a photographic memory to be able to recall them at will. Wouldn't that be nice?

Peace to you, from Pati McDougall