Monday, November 26, 2012

My Daughter's Blog

My daughter, Kristin, has a blog...
That really makes me feel old.
I remember when she used to read my blog and comment.
Now I read hers and comment.
Sooo... this morning, I decided I'd better get mine going again.
So, here I am, giving it another try.
I'm SO ANXIOUS to find out what all my old friends are up to.
That alone is worth the effort.
By the way... the picture of Kristin below is not from
Colorado. That was taken at the Grand Prix in Monte Carlo
this past year.
But, I love her jumping!
She is so full of energy and life.
Stop at her blog and please leave a comment... please!
She is developing a following but her friends don't know how to
leave a comment.
That sounds lame, but if you don't have a blog,
it can be confusing.
Be sure to check out her apple pies baked in mason jars.
Both cute and tasty!
She's a fantastic cook, a fashionista, and world traveler so she has lots
to write about.
But, she'll also take you on short jaunts around Colorado and you'll
feel like you are right there.
Love to you all!
Make this a GREAT day!