Monday, March 23, 2009

Trippin' Down Memory Lane

I used the word trippin' (down memory lane) because I have a major stumbling block as I create a layout. I have a terrible time keeping track of the "Credits". I have a little spiral notebook and when I start a layout I write down the paper or element and who to credit them to. However... I change my mind so many times that I have writing all over the place with things crossed off... what a mess! I may change the background paper 5-6 times until it looks just right to me. There must be a solution to this. Any ideas??
Credits: Paper, frame, mesh, flowers, swirls leaves by Cin, "Ava Adore" (from;
ribbon by Gina Marie Huff, "Jolly Holiday-Ribbons" (from Weedsand; white overlay by
julydesigns (from
My Mom was the 'Queen of the Birthday Parties' as I grew up. She and I would
decide on the theme and then she'd surprise me. I still have my Toni doll and the
cowboy outfit. Matter-of-fact I have her trunk with all of her clothes.
Credits: Paper and pocket by Scrapmuss Designs, "Under Construction" (from; Checked ribbon
by Simply Sweet Designs; Heart (from; bear (from


This was a photo I didn't pay much attention to until one day I noticed my
mom's notations that it was the picture she chose for our 1943 Christmas card.
Credits: Paper by Nancy Barton; Bow and holly "Christmas Day Collection" ( from; circular
design by Kate Honarvar "Jingle Jangle Christmas" (from
My mom looks so tired as she leaves the hospital with me in my bunting.
Credits: Paper by Kitty-Nikki "Butterfly Girl"; Stars by Holly designs "Sugar and Spice" (from;
word art by Jaelop Designs, "Girly Girl Kit" (from

I have the Spring itch... but still waiting for my Pottery Barn bedding to arrive
(backordered until the 26th) so sometime today I'm going to transform the guest
bathroom with my 'Spring tub' (Rubbermade- for each season) of towels, pictures,
and goodies. That will feel so refreshing!!

Soooo... off to the basement shelves to grab Spring things... I'm very seasonal!

Hugs to you all!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Daughter is having a birthday

I know you are traveling today and wouldn't be home to get a card,
however I know you have your PC with you all the time, so... here's
the layout I made to shrink to card size. And you can get it on the plane!
I hope you have a smooth flight and a smooth business trip. Enjoy your
gift too... it's what you requested. You'll look smokin' in those new jeans!
May all your dreams and wishes come true!
And the latest photo of you and Wendy...

You are both so beautiful inside and out. I am so proud to be your mother.
So glad you had a fantastic trip to Los Cabos!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Down Memory Lane

Do any of you remember the old metal clip-on roller skates?
And that skate key hanging around your neck?
By the time my daughters were ready for skates, they were made of plastic. Credits: Paper,"Cool Bananas" from Digital Fingers; Word Art, Elegant Word Art by Bethany: String; Tag by Miss Mint
"Kindergarten Crafts' from

My mom was full of silly songs that she would sing with the neighborhood kids.
I loved this song because I had such a great mental image of a purple cow,
Credits: "Doodlelicious" by AMC; Frame, Miss Mint "Kindergarten Crafts" from; Cows,
Font/dingbat "DB Animal Occasion".

You need to click on the layout to see the horrid expression on my face. My mom said that was due to the bright floodlights that my Uncle was holding. How far we have come with cameras in
my lifetime.
Credits: Paper, alpha, & hats from "Make a Wish" by Erica Hite from; Ribbon, pink paint, and
word art by Vicki Stegall for '52 Inspirations' from

Camera shy! That was me! This photo really captures it. Look at that body language
and the frown.
Credits: Paper and all elements are from "Breath of Fresh Air" by Gina Marie Huff from Weeds & Wildflowers.

Have fun and make it a great day!
Love to all,

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Weekend!

I bought some daffodils that were closed up so tight... looked like asparagus stalks.
A short time in water and they were open and so beautiful. I have them next to my computer as that seems to be the spot where I spend a great deal of time. Amazing what fresh flowers can do for your mood when we still have a snowy world outside.
I continue to edit old photos, put them in layouts, and tell their story. I'm still exploring my digital materials and my style. I love the clean & crisp look of Helen Hancock's layouts, but so far I've found myself diving into color... can't seem to stay away from it. It's just me!
Credits: Paper, cloth frame, & airplane by Amy Sumrall; Cloud and tag by Chriscrap's "Cocooning 2"; Flowers by Julia Makafinsky,
"French Country" fro Little Dreamer Designs; Border "Doodle Border 2a from Weeds and Wildflowers.
Click on photo to read story.

Credits: Chair by Mimilou Designs, "Tell Me a Little Tale" from; Books and Word Art by TYO "Storytime";
Crown, ia "Newspaper Crown"; Wand, Pascale A's "Magical Wishes" for Scrapwedo.

Credits: All materials by Danielle Engebretson/Danielle Engebretson Designs. Grass is from a brush that was already on my adobe program.

I loved going to camp each summer but this was the only photo that I could find from all those years. I went to Brownie Camp, Girl Scout Camp, Church Camp, and YMCA Camp. Ooooo... the stories I could tell about the Y camp.
Credits: Trees, from Raspberry Roads"Tree Templates" # 010, 03, 09, 01 also from Kryshart's "The Sky is Falling"; Frame, A Heimann's "Come Out and Play" frame 3; Word Aer, by Miss Mint's "Friends" Kindergarten Crafts.
Make it a great weekend!!!
Love to all...

Thursday, March 12, 2009


This is what one does when bored, restless, and bouncing off the walls.
I JUST felt like playing and this is what I created...
I've always thought that 'bored people are boring'.
Guess that's me today! I saw this pic today of last years Easter/Spring tree. It's that time of the year
to go hunting for some small branches and think Spring. I'm trying to INSPIRE YOU!
Some of these ornaments are 39 years old. I bought them in Germany for Kristin's
very first Easter tree in 1970. Boy, time goes so fast. Her birthday is next week.

I found this book at Barnes and Noble yesterday. It's great! Much improved over the original 'Dummie books;. Good quality paper and lots of colored photos... really pleased with it. I spent a lot of time dipping in and out of it this morning. And get this... 30% off plus another 10% off from my B & N card and... drum roll... a $5.00 rebate. Practically free!
That's it for today. I'm off to read and take a nap (they go together in my life).

Love to you all!

PS My girls get home from their vacation in Los Cabos in Mexico tomorrow. Always glad when they're having fun together but also glad when their feet are on their home turf again.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Snowy Day

I have this feeling inside me that it's Spring and then
I looked out of a window and we're having a BLIZZARD...
and not the kind you get from Dairy Queen.
I went to Pottery and splurged on new Spring bedding.
And I lucked out... the set I wanted was on sale.
We have red night tables so I think this will make us feel fresh
and perky after all the illness in this house. I saw these Easter baskets on and I wanted to share some
inspiration with all of you. I can think of all kinds of possibilities for decorating
some baskets with liners and trims. I bet Thimbleanna would monogram hers!

I am taking quite a journey with all my memories. It is such fun and is sparking
memories of some things I've forgotten.
Summer meant screen porches and storytelling in the dark.
Click on the layout to read my story.
Credits: A heimann "Firefly Lane" QP from Scrap Orchard; some elements by a heimann and Ziggle Designs, "Firefly Lane"
from Scrap Orchard; Fonts: Bradley hand and AR Christy.

My mom kept really good notes in our photo albums. Menus, names, presents
received at birthdays and early Christmas days. These notes spark memories
to fill in the gaps.
Credits: Stitching, mimilou "Love" part 1; silver heart, TMS "Choco Cherry"by The
Maltese Scrapper;
Multi-colored heart, SC elements from Weeds & Wildflowers; red felt heart, mimilou
"Love" elements; Striped heart, "Felty Valentines" by Graphic Jam Designs;
hearts on a string, "Crazy Love" from Digital;red string, Moune-Enormada,
add on.

I love creating these pages but I dislike keeping track of supplies used. I'm just not an organized person. I just keep trying.

Love to you all!


PS. We saw Australia tonight and I loved it!! A good old-fashioned movie where you need tissues.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Continuing Saga...

Boyd continues to improve but this has really sapped his energy.

We are so lucky to be retired and have the time to move at a

snail's pace that his healing requires.


I have a COLD... an old-fashioned, nose-dripping, coughing,

sore throat, cold. Haven't had one in years.

I pray Boyd doesn't get it.


I continue to work on "MY STORY" in photos and words.

My Mom and I used to sit and look at the photo albums

over and over. She'd tell me the stories behind all the

pictures. I'm so glad she did as I can recall them

and now have stories to record.


If you want to read any of the journaling on the layouts

just click on the photo.

When I lived in Germany (teaching), I was so aware of

the parents taking their babies outside in all kinds of

weather from snow to rain. Their buggies were designed

with a cover to allow just the babies face to be exposed.

Credits: Paper by july designs & Hearts by july designs "Mes Coeurs" from Digital Crea;

Frame by A Heimann from "Come out and Play".

Credits: Paper (unknown); Frame by snp "Cardboard Frame;
Bears by S Wheat Creations, "Rainbow Bears".

Love to you all!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy March 1st!

The Good:
Boyd is slowly healing and even went to the grocery
store yesterday and made dinner. His leg is healing too!
Only 6 weeks to go on the IV antibiotics at home.
It's just become a part of our lives.
The Bad:
I've been making digital layouts for therapy & enjoying
it. However... I didn't keep track of who to credit for the
materials. I decided to just put them on my blog anyway
and get organized for everything else I create.
So... thanks to all the fantastic designers who
created wonderful papers, elements, and alphabets.
The Good:
I started an organizational system that is a binder
alphabetically tabbed for designers & info.
I also created a small flip book for recording all future
layouts I create with credits for each supply used.
Now I can stop 'whining'.
The following layouts are all a part of the album called
"My Story".
When this is completed in a zillion months, then I will
move on to "My Mom's Story" and "My Dad's Story"
Someday my daughters can curl up and walk through
our lives.
Ellen, my first Effenbee doll was always special.
My mom made Ellen adorable outfits and quilts.
My first doll that drank and wet and sucked on a
pacifier. She made several visits to the doll hospital
during her life.
I still have my dolls and their clothes in a trunk.

My legs bowed slightly... like the curve of a pumpkin.

Fun memories of a fun day!

Yup... that's newborn ME!
Did I ever mention that I am an 'only child'?
I loved every minute of it.
We always celebrated St Nick's night and we still do.

Not the most exciting photo but it brings back a lot of
good memories.

The current Milwaukee Zoo is one of the finest in the US.
But there was nothing as wonderful as our original zoo.
They had an enormous monkey island that I could
watch for hours.
Like Eloise... I had a Nanny.
That's Nanny Lockvam with me at the zoo.
I certainly don't look ready to settle down to sleep.

Ah yes... a quick sponge bath in the sink.

I have always loved my telephones through the years.

First year of ballet. The recital!
I was always the tallest.

My first Easter and basket.
My mom didn't miss a photo opportunity.
Now I am so grateful for that.
Well... friends, that's it for this post.
Hard to believe it's March with all the snow outside.
Some of our worst snow storms have been in March in