Sunday, February 27, 2011


This is the side of Jerry's 2-story house...
And those HUGE icicles hang over the driveway
where his car and my car were parked.
I could just picture that looooong one
falling and being a murder weapon.

"Do something!! That is so dangerous!!"

And he did...
He threw a broom like a javelin
and clipped the icicle (well most of it)
right off !
Applause Jerry!!
Maybe this will be a new Winter Olympic
Of course the broom bounced off both of our cars...
but no damage!

Life is never dull!
XOXO ~joni

Friday, February 25, 2011


I found this old photo of the girls
and Wendy's best friend Libby,
in the basement. I was so delighted!

It was somewhat damaged, but
it was fixable with Photoshop Elements.

I haven't made a layout in months,
but had fun getting my fingers into it again.

I'm reorganizing the basement,
and looking for all of my art supplies 
that I might be able to use in my class
("She Art" mixed media painting)
that begins Monday.
I'll take lots of photos of my creations
as they evolve.

You can still register for the class/workshop.
See: Information on a previous post.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Soooooo LOVELY!

A package arrived and look at the sweet, sweet
frames from Wendy.
They are so BEAUTIFUL!!
I love, love, love them all!
The 2 bottom hearts open like lockets.

Thank you dear Wendy!
Such sweet daughters!!

Love you...

PS We have so much new snow that schools were closed again!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Taking Part In The Simple Woman's Daybook
Here's how to take part:

1. Write up and publish your journal page using the questions/picture ideas I have listed below into your blog entry. Be as descriptive as you can! (You may cut and paste them for the purpose to participate in The Simple Woman's Daybook.) Please add your "picture thought" photo at the end of your daybook entry because we all love pictures!


Here is a link back to the main page of the blog.
                                                                 FOR TODAY

Outside my window... the sun is shining for which I am so grateful, but there is a very strong wind blowing. The remaining snow is dirty looking. 

I am thinking... about what I should do this afternoon. I'm looking for a certain brand of black pen for my "She Art Class" which begins next Monday. I will probably need to prowl a lot of stores to find it. And if I do... I'm going to buy a dozen!

I am thankful for... the meds that are clearing up my sinus infection. I feel much more energetic today!!

From the kitchen... nothing cooking! But the dishwasher has been emptied and filled again. All is in order.

I am wearing... OMG... you'd laugh! A blue Cotton knit nightie with big green frogs all over it and a soft pink terry robe. Bare feet.

I am creating... a better workspace in my workroom. Shoving things around.

I am going... to go out for dinner with my friend Jerry tonight. Our restaurants and bars cater to 'Friday Night Fish Frys' in Wisconsin. Very yummy! 

I am reading... "I'd Tell You I love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You" It a YA (Young Adult Book). I like to pick those up now and then. This is a story about a private girls school that is really for spies. Cute, but not spectacular! I love Anthony Horowitz's spy series... YA. Need to be read in order.

I am hoping... that the predicted snow is light and disappears fast.

I am hearing... wind outside and the kitchen TV rumbling away.

Around the house... Otter is on a diet and it just kills me to see his sad, droopy, hound dog eyes looking at me for treats and human food.

One of my favorite things... Vanilla Chai Tea (No sugar added). I buy it by the case online from Serious Chai.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Organize, organize, organize! And take Otter to the Vet.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing...
Tulips from Kristin for Valentine's Day.
They are in such a sweet arrangement.
Thanks Honey!!

Make is a great weekend!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Yes... it only took me until mid-February. I usually
finish up the first week in January but I was a
pokey turtle this year.
I usually need some kind of motivation to tie it
all together.
This year's motivation was the upcoming
"SHE Art Workshop"
which begins February 28th.
I am so excited and have begun to gather supplies.

And here it is!
Ready to take it's place on the shelf above my desk
with the other December albums.

I always feel the need to add an embellishment
to the binder rings.
I decided to use some of my Sculpy/Fimo beads
that I made a few years ago.

They were just the small added touch that I felt
the album needed.
I am satisfied!

Make this a great weekend!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Class by Christy Tomlinson

                                                              Registration is now Open!

The She Art Workshop is a 3 week e-course the begins February 28th! In this workshop, you will learn how to create unique and detailed girls, as seen in my art projects! I will also share with you how I create my backgrounds, textures, and layering styles on canvases and other surfaces! You will walk away from this class feeling confident in creating your own personalized" She Art" projects as well as having learned new art techniques you can use in other mixed media projects! The She Art Workshop begins February 28th. Registration starts today and ends February 27th!

The She Art Workshop is presented in three parts.

Week one: Get Down to Basics! I will show you all the in's and outs of how I create my backgrounds including unique and thrifty item you can use use AND tricks and tips of using household objects for texture! I will also show you how to create simple dresses, faces and hair using paper, as well as tips for giving your girls a more "painted" look. We will finish it off with learning how to doodle to finish off your project.

Week two: All about the Layers! This week, we will get a little more creative and I will show you how to create layered clothing, how to personalize hair, and layering techniques for backgrounds. We will also add other items to our canvases (like birds, trees, houses, etc), to make a more complete look. Plus some creative writing tips for creating your own she words and phrases to fit the person you are painting it for.

Week Three: Making it yours! In this week I will show you how to create a girl based on a photo of YOU. You will use your picture (I will show you one of mine) as inspiration to sketch and design a girl that represents who YOU are. When you are done, you will have a portrait that simpy portrays how wonderful you are. I will also show you She Art projects that I did using other surfaces like tags, wood, bags, books, and more!

This class will have OODLES of never before seen "She Art" inspiration, just for you! It will also include downloads Pdf's of "She Art" words and phrases you can use on your art as well as templates for clothing, faces, and legs. Plus some fun clipart you can use on your She Art Projects as well!

All instruction will be in Video format, so you can stop and rewind as needed.

The She Art Workshop will begin on February 28th and will be open for an additional 3 week after the class ends (so 6 weeks total availability). You will also have access to a flicker group to share your art with others in the class! I will be available for help at anytime during the class via email and will be in and out of the class forum, checking for questions or help.

The class is $35. for the 3 weeks. To register, go to the bottom of this page 

If this sparks the EXCITEMENT in you as it did in me... join me!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine's Day Project

I saw this adoRablE paper heart wreath at It is way too cute not to pass your way. You'll enjoy the blog too... very inspiring! There is a photo tutorial showing you just how to make the wreath. I have so many unused sheets of 2-sided scrapbook paper that will work perfectly. Can't wait to make one for my house and a few friends. A perfect project for Super Bowl watching!

Make this a great weekend!