Monday, January 31, 2011

Saturday Storytime

We have a wonderful bookstore in our little town...
Apple Blossom Books!
Lots of books for kids and a good selection for adults.
And on Saturday mornings they have...

The back of the shop has been turned into an enchanting
world for children...
cozy, colorful, creative, and inviting!

One of the cute young gals who works
at the shop is the Story Lady.
This week she read several books about
love & valentines.

My friend Jerry's granddaughter
chose to browse the books
rather than listen to Story time.

I love the way the littlest children
put their legs straight out in front of them
as they listen to the stories.
Such a cute age!

This little girl listened to the stories while she
played with a soft-sculpture tree house on the
colorful carpet.

The Story Lady presented an art
activity that was coordinated with
the books she read to the kids.
She had pre-cut heart frames with
white tissue centers.
The children used glue sticks to
attach pieces of colored paper.

Grandpa Jerry watched all the activity.

This little boy came in his footy pajamas.
He found a place of his very own
to create his heart.

Jerry's grandson worked so intensely and carefully
creating his heart.

When he was through, he held it up for me to see.
Isn't it lovely!

We said Goodbye to the bookstore
and went next door to the Carmel Crisp Cafe.

Jerry's granddaughter was so engrossed
in her new chapter book that
she was in a world of her own as
she ate her ice cream.

A fun morning was had by all!!
Make this a great day!
Read a book!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Thoughts as I look at this Photo...

(Day #17 from my December Daily album)

Yes, that's me 'in all my glory'.
But, I don't mind wearing elf hats, Santa hats, or reindeer antlers in December.
Yes, I hate having my picture taken.
But, I do want to document this moment at Christmastime, 2010.
Yes, I loved that I was about to do a Story time for 4&5 year olds.
But, I can't show you the photo of the Story time because of a parent request.

My friend Jerry and I are taking his Grandchildren to Story time tomorrow at an adorable book store. I will take photos and share them with you as the store is sooooooo cute and mainly children's books. I'll make certain that I shoot from the backs of their heads... or crop them out!!

Here's something you don't know about me... I wrote my Master's Thesis on "The Benefits of Integrating ORAL Storytelling into the Classroom Reading Program". My mom was a great oral storyteller and the mental images that I created in my head have bridged the gap of time. 

Make this a great weekend!
Tell someone a story!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

By the Light of My Valentine's Tree

I have always had a Valentine's Day Tree.

My mom and I made simple trees decorated with hand-cut hearts and paper doilies when I was small.
When I was teaching, the kids and I would make a tree adding lots of glitter and bling that would sparkle on our cheeks for days. When my girls were born we often made trees wth heart cookies hanging on them or whatever they wanted to add. I wanted them to have "ownership" which involved their contributing to the final product.

I am now 67 years old and the tradition of 'the tree' still continues. I love the changes that take place every year. It now has tiny optic lights on branches, and branches painted silver and sprinkled with silver glitter.

Last night I plugged the tree in the Den and turned off the other lights. I curled up in my favorite chair with my mom's hand knit afghan over my lap. I sipped a cup of hot Chai Tea and watched a movie. I was totally at peace and relaxed. I was cozy and happy. I enjoy my alone time. I make a point of creating a home atmosphere that creates that feeling for me.

 Make this a great day!
PS Otter-the-dog SNORED through the entire movie. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

An Exciting Day in Packerland

Kristin's photo says it all...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sleeping in on a Snowy Day

"Hey Otter, wake up! It's 10:00"

We really slept late this morning... YUMMERS!
The sound of my Snow Removal guy woke me up.
Oooooh... the joys of retirement!

I have a white duvet cover on my bed at the moment,
so I put a red print comforter over half of our King-
sized bed each night so Otter doesn't get hair on the duvet.
Otter sleeps with his nose buried under the covers. I
guess that's a beagle thing.

"OK mom. I'm awake but I'd like to
stay here for a bit longer. I have some
stretching to do and I thought I might
chew on my foot for awhile!"

"Hey... give a guy a break! You're not gonna take
pictures of me when I just woke up?"

"OK... one quick pose!
What's for breakfast?

Make this a great day!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Couldn't Resist

I took a lot of pictures at Christmas and really haven't spent much time looking at them. After talking with Wendy this morning I decided to check them out and crop them, etc. I came across this trio and had to add an extra page to my December Daily (almost finished) album. 

Wendy has such a fantastic sense of humor... always keeps people laughing. I'm glad I was able to capture the crazy side of her and to record it.

Make this a great weekend!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

If you want a book that you just won't be able to put down, then Sarah's Key is for you! It started as my 'book to read in bed at night' and has turned into filling every spare daily minute. I will finish it today and hate to see it end.

It takes place in and around Paris. The chapters alternate between the voice of a ten year old girl in 1941 and a woman reporter of today. The story is about the French police rounding up the Jews and sending them off to almost certain death... a piece of history I was totally unaware of. You'll love Sarah who is one of the children rounded up and sent away. She escapes from a prison camp to get back to Paris to find her younger brother who she locked in a cupboard (the key) to hopefully keep him hidden an safe from the enemy.

The woman reporter is writng a story about the Round-up and slowly learns about Sarah and the house she lived in.  

I won't tell anymore. Just dash to the library or bookstore and grab a copy of Sarah's Key.

Then plan on ordering in or getting Take-out as you won't want to leave your chair.

Make  a great day!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Little Family

Having your picture taken is a nice reality check as to what you really look like. I feel like I'm in my 30's... therefore my surprise at looking at a photo. My girls are so pretty and almost aways photograph well. Then there's their aging mom. I used to be taller than them... 5' 9" but that certainly has changed. The ole spine compresses with age. And what happened to my big brown eyes? Little piggy slits! I say this in jest as I am actually content with who I am. Despite this all I am a happy, happy person... loving each new day tht God blesses me with. And a very proud mom of two daughters that are lovely inside and out!!

Make your day a GREAT one!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The House That Sparkles!

(A page from my 2010 December Daily album)

This is adorable Lee, peeking through a little window in the wall that goes from the hallway to my computer/scrapping room. Of course my camera was sitting next to my computer so I took a quick shot of her. Wouldn't you?

Lee is my cleaning lady and she is such a sweetheart. And such a wonderful Chrstian. She was here to give my house its pre-Christmas cleaning... much needed. In January she will be cleaning for me twice a month. She does such a good job and is so much fun to be around. Between Lee and my new Roomba, I should sparkle!  

Make this a great day!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

An Elf here, an Elf there, everywhere an Elf!

(A page from my December Daily)

I really shouldn't call hm an Elf as he is from Finland where they would call him a Tomte or Nisse. I just refer to him as "Little Elf". He's sitting on top of a stack of children's Christmas books on a little child's chair. Christmas decorations at our house are fun and whimsical. I haven't gotten into the pretty stuff.

It' very cold today and a perfect day to work on my December Daily album. By the time I complete it, you will have already seen all of the pages... but not the embellishments I added.

The flu is running rampant around here. I slept all night last night for the first time since Christmas Eve. 

Health and healing to you all.
Make this a great day! 

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Family

My daughter Kristin, gave me these Nissen (Scandinavian elves) for Christmas. I just love them and they will probably stay up all year. They're from catalog... great gifts!! I tried to add a Link but the computer was balking at me. Sorry!   

I seem to be gathering a collection of little pixie-type creatures. I have sooooooo many on my tree... part of my Scandinavian theme.

These guys need names. Any ideas??

Make this a great day!

PS Anna... the Roomba comes with a lifetime warranty (Hammacher Schlemmer only).

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Roomba the Robot

My friend Jerry, got a Roomba vacuum for Christmas from his daughter. I had never paid much attention to them before but his was such fun to watch. When I walked in his house the day after Christmas, I couldn't believe how clean everything looked. His carpets sparkled! Soooooo... I borrowed it one evening and my friend Lyn came over to watch. IT IS AMAZING!! We both fell in love with Lucille (jerry's name for it)!

We researched for a few days as there are many different models and came up with one that we both thought was the best for Lyn's cats and my dog. We found it on Hammacher Schlemmer with a lifetime warranty and a code for free shipping. I can't wait until it arrives and I can put my feet up with a good book, a cup of Chai Tea, and listen to the happy little hum of my robot cleaning.

For more information just click on Hammacher Schlemmer above

Make this a great day!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


(Photo is from day#9 of my December Daily album)

My daughter Wendy, sent me these red boots before
the weather got chilly/freezing. Red is my favorite color
and I adore them.
The first day that I wore them, my friend Jerry started singing
a silly song about red boots that had a real catchy tune.
So, as catchy tunes go, we were singing or humming it 
He heard the song on a TV show that one of is granddaughters
Jacks Big Music Show.
I wish I could sing it for you, but it goes something like this:

In my red boots. In my red boots.
I love to stomp around in my red boots.
I love to stomp around in my red boots!

It is driving me craaaaazy!!!

Have a fun day!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year to all !!

This is actually a photo from my December Daily album.
My photos are all full page size and mounted, punched
and held together with red rings. But I am working hard to 
complete the journaling that goes with each page and add the
Then I can finally share it with you!

Love you!