Thursday, August 25, 2011

An Inspiring Blog!

This morning I decided that I had to get started on a new project,
so I Googled "Christmas Blogs".
I like to make things and have them tucked away in my cupboard for

I fell in love with this blog, Deck the Halls.
I spent hours reading one post after another.
I am totally inspired to order something from her store, or create
 something of my own design.

 So clean looking and pretty!

Love the apple!
She has a variety of different apples on her blog
and in her shop.

I liked the pillows. She had others, but they
didn't transfer to my blog very clearly.
You'll have to look for yourself!

Now, why didn't I think of this!!
So darn cute!!
Wouldn't they sell fast at a Fall Bazaar!

I'm going back to read some more posts...

Make this a great day!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Surprise!

Special flowers from a special man.

Thank you!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"I'm Baaaaaaaack!" Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

It feels good to be back after my long detour via Facebook.
Facebook is fun, but brief and quick.
I did make some good connections with old friends
and we shared a lot of fun lunches together.

But, I missed my blog and my blog friends.
How are all of you?
Time for me to visit your blogs and catch up!

Below are a few mixed media canvases, that I made since my last post.
You can double click for detail!
"Happy House"

"Favorite Shoes"

A picture I made for a new friend who is a bird watcher.

Fun, fun, fun!
(The process that is).

Since my last post, Wendy and her husband Darin, bought a
BIG new home in Phoenix.
My SIL, Mary, and I are going to visit them in October. 
And then I'll return for our annual Thanksgiving Fiesta.

Wendy is going to Thailand for a trade show right before
Thanksgiving, and squeezing in a wedding in The Keys.

Kristin is loving her move to Denver, and she is headed to Cabo
in Mexico before Thanksgiving.
As you know, my girls never waste a moment of travel time.

Next year will be Wendy and Darin's 40th birthday, and they've
already reserved a villa in the South of France.
There will be lots of friends going along to help them celebrate.

Make this a great day!!

I'm off to read your blogs!