Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Valentine's Day
I want to thank Nan for the "You make my day award".
I'm glad I do something for someone!
Thanks Nan! That was sweet of you.
I'm NOT going to pass it on because so many of you 'make my day'
and I don't want anyone to feel left out.
Feel free to send it on to someone if you wish.
NOW... on to Valentine's Day.
I had lots of fun sewing and creating and playing yesterday.
The only project I finished was this appliqued cupcake bordered with
my family's sentiments about cupcakes...
"The cupcake is the perfect dessert! Lovely to look at and even
better to eat. YUMMY!"
(The writing was done with a 05 Micron pen)
I photographed it on my messy work table so you could see the
chaos it evolved out of.
The scissors on the table gives you a gauge for the small size of this
I haven't decided where to tuck it in the house... but I do know that it
will outlast Valentine's Day.
I associate cupcakes with Valentine's Day because it's a day when there
always were cupcakes.
When I was teaching I was in cupcake heaven.
You have never seen so many red, pink, white, and chocolate
delights as in an elementary school.
Off to read a few blogs and work on my felted hearts so I can
share them with you on on Friday.
Love, love, love... that's what it's all about!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Valentine's Day
Mr Yummers surprised me with this BEAUTIFUL basket of flowers.
The colors are sooooo lovely... I had to share them with you.
He's my valentine!!
This heart was made from a piece of a very old quilt and has been
in our family for a long time. I haven't mended the small holes as
I think they add to the charm. I sewed a loop on the back and it hangs
on the wall in the guest room.
A touch of the past.

This heart was a gift from a friend. I love the white-on-white
embroidery! So simple and clean looking.

This is a wonderful 44 page book full of ideas and instructions.
I found it at
It is filled with yummy heart projects!!

This is one idea from the book and I love it!! I'm about to throw
on some clothes, and head out to get a wreath, and some
felt. I have been felting wool but I don't have any red yet,
so I'm off to pay full price for some red wool felt. Ish!
I think it will look great on our front door!

Make this a good day!

Love to all of you sweet people!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wire and Bead Heart
Several years ago my daughter Kristin gave me this heart as a gift.
It has hung in a number of different places in two different homes.
It was handmade by an artisan... and inspires me to play with
different gauges of wire and a variety of beads.
The heavier gauge wire was twisted around and
around a rod or dowel and then stretched into a heart shape.
A finer gauge wire was then twisted and twirled around the heavy wire
and a bead was added here and there.
I tried it with a Christmas tree shape and it was very easy to work with.
Here is a detail of the bottom of the heart so you can see how it was joined.

I love the spirals twisted into the wire .

Look at the variety of bead types and styles that were used.

You can use this idea to inspire you to create your own heart or any other shape.
This technique would make wonderful napkin rings
or candle rings.
It's quick, inexpensive, and easy.
Enjoy the process!
Thanks Kristin for the lovely gift and the inspiration it has brought me.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

When I was growing up my mom and I used to make dolls of paper and/or felt. Often simple heart shaped bodies with arms, legs and embellishments from a large box that held ribbons, rick-rack, and other goodies. We'd hang them in the windows, from a cupboard handle, or the refrigerator. They'd twirl with the air currents and smile down at us from their display spot.
Last week I discovered Dot from Australia and her blog Dot's life and Art .
I fell in love with her dolls and knew I had to make one... NOW!! (no patience)
Introducing (drum roll please) Zelda-the-Valentine-Vamp!
And here she is in all her splendor... decked out for a night on the town.
Hair piled high on her head.
Ornaments in her hair.
Lipstick carefully applied.
Sparkles on her dress.
Favorite high heels for dancing.
Go, Zelda, go!!
Here's a close-up of her hair ornaments and lovely face.
The possibilities for these art dolls are limitless. And I feel a collection coming on.
Mr Yummers says, "Oh no... the 'C' word".

Dot created the Dotee Doll to "... bring color and happiness to people and to connect to people from different parts of the world."
"The Internet has made the world a much smaller place and my heart is warm thinking of people making little dolls to swap or to give as gifts", Dot shared.

There are Dotee Doll swaps at

Dot has a Dotee Doll tutorial on her January 18th post.

Zelda is only a bit bigger than the palm of my hand.
I may make a doll each month to match the flavor of the month.
I'd like to see them all on a little tree at some time.

Please look at some of the other Dotee Dolls.
Each is different, fun, unique and sometimes quirky.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


Monday, January 21, 2008

Valentine's Day
The Valentine Tree
I started this tradition with my daughters when they were young.
It started as an Easter/Spring tree and expanded to other holidays and special occasions.
We usually gathered twigs or small branches and painted them white. If I found some interesting twisty branches I would save them for several years... or start fresh.
One year we hung the tree with small decorated heart-shaped cookies tied with ribbons.
This year I kept my Christmas branches in the same place and added small ornaments to the branches.
I like to use our Valentine Tree as the centerpiece on the table, however these are very long twigs and aren't suitable So they remain in our bedroom.
Last night when I crawled in bed to read, the tree cast a warm atmosphere in the room.
I felt all cozy and peaceful as I read... with memories guarding over me.
Some of the ornaments are very old... some new.
A close-up into the thick of things.

I associate Valentine's Day with chocolate.
I found several chocolate ornaments a number of years ago
and they are so perfect for the tree.

There are lots of these little hearts on the tree. They are made from red, white, or pink polymer clay. I think this brand was Sculpey. It's easy to work with... but it is toxic. I rolled out pieces of the clay and cut out hearts with a small canape cutter. Then put a small bent wire (about 26 gauge) into the top of each heart. They need to be baked... directions are on the package. Bake them on tin foil on top of a cookie sheet. Cool right on the tin foil and hang!

A trip to the scrapbook store will provide you with lots of materials for making ornaments.
You can even make small paper chains, heart cookies, candy, etc.
Let your imagination go wild!!
So many possibilities!
Your tree can be small and be adorable. Experiment!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Valentine's Day
My mom always had a wonderful stash of fabrics, felt, and oilcloth.
What a wealth of fun!!
We had a Singer machine that was in a small table and had a knee pedal.
She sewed beautifully and taught me how to sew when I was very young.
We even took sewing lessons together together and entered sewing contests together.
I'll always be grateful for all the time she gave me.
The best of gifts!!
The next generation...
I remember when my oldest daughter Kristin was in elementary school, she drew the most incredible detailed heart. We made a silk screen and copied the heart onto pink fabric with red paint. We used these to make little heart-shaped pillows with red & white polka dot ruffles around the edge.Kristin gave them to special friends for Valentine's Day.
Yesterday I sewed a heart on hot pink felt and kept going around and around the heart with different stitch lengths and a variety of stitch styles. I didn't want it to be symmetric... I love the whimsical. Then I sewed on a few buttons and glued the heart to a patterned piece of cardstock.
I stamped the word love around the heart (rubber stamps) as it needed something else.
I popped it into a frame without glass and
It's now sitting on the top of a bookshelf in our bedroom.

This is the mess I made looking for just the right eleven buttons for the heart.
I'm still picking them up off the floor as Gabby Cat bats them with her paw.
This could be made with simple hand stitching or elaborate embroidery stitches.
Whatever you make... make the process enjoyable.

Have a wonderful weekend!
See you Monday with... Our Valentine Tree.
A tradition that goes back to my childhood.

Our home team, The Green Bay Packers, play the New York Giants
Sunday here in Green Bay. The winner goes to the Super Bowl.
This is very, very exciting!!
The weather will be hovering around zero degrees F.
We had ticket offers but declined. It's so cozy on our couch,
fire in the fireplace, some low fat snacks, and a large screen TV.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008



When I was growing up my mom usually gave me a small gift with an "I LOVE YOU!" tag on it.

I remember a new box of watercolors, a box of 64 crayons, a heart pin, and many other sweet things through the years.

This gift was always wrapped in tissue with ribbon and in the middle of my plate at the breakfast table. My dad's gift was always the same... a heart shaped chocolate cake. And "NO!" it wasn't in the middle of his plate. The heart pans are still being used. There was always a card at each person's table setting. Another tradition in our family is heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast on that morning. And another simple beginning to the day was a message on the bathroom mirror written with a Vis-a-Vis red marker.

As long as we're on the subject of gifts , look at these great gifts from Etsy that are under $10.This is just a sampling, as there are over 3,000 pages of wonderful handmade treasures under "hearts".

This cute soap heart is from Tigger Bonn.
This is a needle-felted heart pin by Julie Persons.

These adorable pins all have such a cute detail on them.
They're from Paper Fish.
I love this little forest box. It can be found at Forest Families.

One of many cute watercolor cards by Happy Day's Studio.
I love this unique bookmark by Double Dee.
These heart-shaped soaps are made from shea butter. They're hand made by
Dee's Home Goods.

This heart is made from twigs, wire, and paper. Made by Nest USA.
COZY!! This collar is handknit and can be found at KnittyKittiesShop.

Aren't these great?? And handmade!!

I tried to give you links for them all, but couldn't find the last two.
You might want to hop on over yourself and take a peek.
Kristen... from Gock's Frocks has just released the most adorable,
unique, and fun new collection of clothes for little girls.
Take a look at the creativity and beautiful workmanship.
Something you can make!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008



We made and still make little gifts for family and friends.

I was going to save this until the end of my little series... but I decided to post it today
so that you will all have your little GIFT from me by February 14th.

I will make each of you one scrapbook layout that will be made with a photo of your choice.

I'll make the layout suitable for a 5x7" frame.

Perfect for you to give to a loved one or a friend
or just to display in your home.
This is a layout of my daughters. These embellishments & paper worked well
for this photo.
Everyone's will be different.
Here's all you have to do...

1.) Leave me a comment that you are sending me a photo.
2.) Send a JPG photo to my email as an attachment.
3.) Write down any names, info, a message or story that you'd
like included on your frameable layout.

That's it!!

I'll return it to you via an email attachment and you can print it out.

If you'd prefer a different theme other than Valentine's Day... that's OK.
Just let me know what colors and theme.

Enjoy picking out a photo!

See you tomorrow...


Monday, January 14, 2008

"HOMEMADE MEMORIES": Valentine's Day
I have very fond memories of Valentine's Day because
my mother created wonderful "HOMEMADE MEMORIES"/traditions
for our little family.
I carried these traditions to my family
and I hope my daughters will continue them with theirs. I had a table & chair set in my bedroom that was like a little art table.
It was sturdy kindergarten furniture because my mom wanted to be able
to sit on a little chair and create with me.
We always made things to hang in the windows.
1. Make a heart shaped template of cardstock or use cookie cutters.
2. Trace around the hearts on cardstock, scrapbook, or construction paper.
3. Cut out 3 hearts for each 3-D heart you're going to make.
4. Use 3 of the same color or print, or mix them up.
5. stack 3 hearts together and staple them in the middle vertically.
(I used red staples because I had them... any color is OK)
6. Fold the top heart in half forwards.
7. Fold the back heart in half backwards.
The picture below is the same completed heart... just photographed several times
so you can see how the folding looks from different angles.
8. I sewed a long black thread (for hanging purposes) to the heart
and the other end tied to a Christmas ornament hanger.
9. I cut a piece of fine wire and twisted on a little red heart I found at a craft store.
10. I added some colored beads and bent the top of the wire
and hooked it through the bottom of the heart.
11. I tied a ribbon on the wire where there weren't any beads.
Got it?

You could leave it just as is
Make a whole string of them!!
The hearts spin slowly with the air currents and are fun to watch.

Add your own creative touches to the basic idea.
Be sure to share them with us!!

See you tomorrow...


I just had to share a few photos from Saturday's Playoff Game
because it was such a crazy fun day.
This is my daughter Kristin (from Chicago)
and her friend Kathryn (from Milwaukee) pre-game.
You can't buy tickets to a Packer game... you have to inherit them.
Kathryn's family was one of the lucky ones.
This is a picture from early in the game... light snow.

I included this picture because this is the U of Wisconsin Marching Band.
Mr Yummers played in the band through college as did his brother and sister and 2 cousins.
It's a wild and crazy band that runs into the bleachers and so on.
Notice how the snow is getting heavier.

As the game progressed so did the snow.
Visibility was poor especially with the lights shining on the huge flakes.

By the end of the game it was just white out there!!
I laughed at these two girls who are tall and thin... they have so many layers
of clothes on
and puffy down-filled jackets
that they look inflated... but still beautiful!
They were hoarse from cheering and exhausted.
And at their age... loved every minute of it!!
The Green Bay Packers beat the Seattle Seahawks
42 to 20!!!

The New York Giants come to Green Bay Sunday
to see who goes to the SUPER BOWL!!

See you tomorrow... all decked out in red and pink
and covered with hearts.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Beginning Next Week:
"Homemade Memories"
Valentine's Day Art/Craft Ideas!!
Ideas that can become special just for you
become traditions with your family.
I have lots of ideas and traditions to share.
Some go way back to when I was a little girl creating across the table from my mom.
I hope you will enjoy them and find several that are just right for you and your family.
A big red heart to you,

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I've decided I need to push myself and try new projects & techniques in 2008.
After being in a shop yesterday where they had so many lovely felted mittens,
I went in search on Amazon this morning to find:
The following books were the 2 that appealed to me the most
(at this moment).
Soooo, they have been ordered and will be here by the time I 'felt' some
old sweaters
pieces of wool.
Book #1: Warm Fuzzies (click here)
I actually saw a lot of the pages in the books.
When it gives you the option of clicking on "Surprise Me" when you peek inside,
click on that choice a number of times and you will see
lots of different pages from the interior of the book.
Dummy me always thought you clicked once to see one page of their choice.
Keep clicking!!

Hi ho, Hi ho... a felting we will go!

Make this a wonderful day!!


PS I'm working on some Valentine's Day projects that I'm eager to share soon.

ALSO... Please share any 'felting' pointers with me!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I had to interrupt Mr Yummer's viewing of 'Galaxy Quest'
to ask him to pick a name out of a bowl for the giveaway.

And the winner is... PAT from
'BITS and PIECES'!!!

Please email me your full name and address.
Enjoy the chair!

Mr Snowman (I bought him today) says, "Congrats Pat!"
I was out and about today... first time since 'the accident'.

Mr. Yummers chauffeured me to several different stores and waited in the car
with his latte and his book
I needed a pair of mittens as mine seem to mysteriously disappear.
We have a store in town with hand-made items.
There was a large display of mittens that a lady makes from knit sweaters.
They're padded with something warm and then lined with soft flannel.
I took a photo of the front and the back because I think you can see
how easily they would be to reproduce.
There is a little heart-shaped button on each cuff
a small felt heart on one palm.

There was quite a variety of mittens and some were felted. Give a pair a try!

Thanks for sharing the books you're reading.

I'm off to watch 'Project Runway' or 'Project Catwalk' as they call it on Dutch TV.

Check Junie Moon's site (link on the right) for PBS's schedule for all the Jane Austen movies starting Sunday.

Love you all!!


Monday, January 7, 2008

It's a GIVEAWAY... as promised!
WHY? Because you are all so darn sweet!!
I looked in my gift drawer and this jumped into my hand... the left one.
It's a Mary Engelbreit chair that is actually a pincushion. The little pillow lifts off.
It would also be cute just perched on a shelf or holding a little doll.
It's 5 1/2" tall and 5 1/2" wide.
If you'd like to be in the drawing... just leave a comment.
Tell me what you're reading or plan to read.
Fiction or non-fiction.
Can't you visualize yourself curled up in this chair with a book?
Curled under one of your beautiful quilts you made.
Wearing a pair of hand knit wool socks.
Sipping a cup of tea or coffee.
Hugs to you all.
Mr Yummers will pick a name from a hat on Wednesday evening.

Friday, January 4, 2008

How do you like my NEW LOOK?
A wonderful 'get well' gift from AMY at INSPIRECO!!

Thank you sweet friend... you are so talented!
I feel renewed.

And thank you to everyone who left comments and sent emails.
I'll do a GIVEAWAY for you next week.
Just because you're all so darn sweet!


When you're restless and in-and-out of bed all day, the mailman becomes so important.
Today's pile contained a Pottery Barn Kids/Babies catalog.
I got sooooo inspired with ideas of things to create (or buy) as I studied each page.
(I should have taken Catalog 101 in school).

Look at this simple quilt... strips of checks, stripes, and solids.
How simple and easy... possibly a do-able quilt for me to make.
I love the child's name on it, but it would look great with a simple monogram for an adult.
Hmmmmmm.... have to give this more thought
This baby-sized quilt below, could easily become a summer quilt for our bed.
I love the insects on the leaves and would love lots of red ladybugs to pull in the red in our bedroom.
Maybe change the border to a red print.
So many possibilities... a darling summer throw pillow.
A hanging branch with birds.
Now this is a must for some corner of my house.
Pottery Barns is made of wire wrapped in brown corduroy. You could easily use felt.
Add some stuffed felt or fabric birds and enjoy.
I'm going to give it a try... or go shopping.

Look at this quilt!! I love it!!
Birds are really an "in thing" right now... hot, hot, hot!
I love the simple stripes and the one larger stripe with the appliqued or
embroidered birds on a wire.
Look at the adorable pillows with the birds on them. They'd be cute anywhere.
And I can think of so many color combos that would look great.

I actually saw this crib-sized version first and it was 'love at first sight'
I'm a pushover and easily smitten!
A spring or summer throw to snuggle under when the AC is cool.

This tree is so lovely and all painted in one color.
It would look fantastic in almost any room.
It has such a clean and classy look.
Love it.
I hope something sparked an idea in you and if not I have others to share another day.
Hugs to you all,

PS I'm healing well due to great pampering from my husband.
The glass in the door of the cupboard has already been replaced.
Gabby Cat is no longer cowering under the bed.
My hand is beginning to look less like a claw... the fingers can move!
Sort of!