Tuesday, January 15, 2008



We made and still make little gifts for family and friends.

I was going to save this until the end of my little series... but I decided to post it today
so that you will all have your little GIFT from me by February 14th.

I will make each of you one scrapbook layout that will be made with a photo of your choice.

I'll make the layout suitable for a 5x7" frame.

Perfect for you to give to a loved one or a friend
or just to display in your home.
This is a layout of my daughters. These embellishments & paper worked well
for this photo.
Everyone's will be different.
Here's all you have to do...

1.) Leave me a comment that you are sending me a photo.
2.) Send a JPG photo to my email as an attachment.
3.) Write down any names, info, a message or story that you'd
like included on your frameable layout.

That's it!!

I'll return it to you via an email attachment and you can print it out.

If you'd prefer a different theme other than Valentine's Day... that's OK.
Just let me know what colors and theme.

Enjoy picking out a photo!

See you tomorrow...



Angie said...

wow -- I have to think about this one. But, I'll come up with something!!

Junie Moon said...

Joni, this is such a fabulous thing for you to offer everyone and perfectly demonstrates your happy generous heart. What a sweetheart you are!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Joni that's a lovely idea! How generous you are! Sadly I don't think i will be able to play as my printer doesn't work (not even the new one I bought to replace the dead one!!!) Lucy x

Helen Hancock said...

Joni you are just the sweetest person! That is such a nice thing to do. I shall send one of the munchkins and you can do with it as you please. You are kindness +.

ps. the LO of your girls is just beautiful!

Lovie said...

Oh this sounds like so much fun! I wish I knew how to send a picture in JPG format but I don't. For those that take part I know it will be wonderful. Enjoy!

hunnybunny said...

Wow, you are so wonderful. I love that layout that you posted, I'm sure everyone's is going to be gorgeous. I hope you have a fantastic Valentines day because you sure are brightening everyone elses.

Amy said...

Do you do this for perfect strangers? I read your blog regularly but haven't commented yet....actually, I love to read your blog. I found you via Kristen at Gock's Frocks...my college buddy.

amy said...

I'm sending you a photo. Thank you so much! You've been such a spark of crafting inspiration for me!

Nan said...

That's such a sweet idea, how thoughtful and kind you are. Wish my printer wasn't out of ink, I would take you up on it. Hugs