Saturday, January 12, 2008

Beginning Next Week:
"Homemade Memories"
Valentine's Day Art/Craft Ideas!!
Ideas that can become special just for you
become traditions with your family.
I have lots of ideas and traditions to share.
Some go way back to when I was a little girl creating across the table from my mom.
I hope you will enjoy them and find several that are just right for you and your family.
A big red heart to you,


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Sounds like fun Joni - looking forward to it! Lucy x

Pat said...

What a great idea Joni! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

KCQuilter said...

Ooooh, how fun! I really enjoyed your Christmas ideas days and am so glad you are doing this for Valentine's Day. Thank you!

Nan said...

I don't know if you remember the "girl crush" I had on Lisa over at Plain Jane Creations or not, but I have one on you too!!! I love all your crafty ideas and the special touches you add to so many of the projects you post, I am looking forward to your Valentine tips, and truly enjoyed your Christmas ones too! You are a true Sweetie ;) Hugs!!!

Angie said...

I cannot wait!!!

As you can imagine, having a baby girl with open heart surgery in her past, hearts are very special to use in our house.

.. .especially the patchwork kind with patches sewn on them! ;)

de vliegende koe said...

I’m curious about the traditions! They will be great. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day like in the US, but it’s coming our way...!

Junie Moon said...

How exciting it all sounds!

I hope your stitches have been removed and all is going well.

Helen Hancock said...

Looking forward to it...anything like the Christmas will be great!

Wanda said...

How cute!! Hey how is the healing going!