Sunday, January 31, 2010


In the February Issue of Martha Stewart's Living magazine, there's a long article with photos (see: below) about a very talented gal that makes scrapboxes. You can also find out about them on Martha Stewart's website. I had to try creating one and bought several on an online site (they also have them at Michael's Crafts).

My box is 8x10 but they do come in other sizes. I printed a photo of Gabby and glued it (around the edges) to the back of the box. Then printed some letters from my stash and mounted each on a piece of red paper (for sturdiness and color), and staggered them with small pieces of foam to make them 3-D (there are actually 3 different heights but the camera didn't catch that). Finished it by gluing one of Gabby's favorite catnip mice to the bottom of the box. Simple and quick to do!! And it looks cute hanging on the den wall. Boyd would have liked it!

Here are the pages from the issue of Living about scrapboxes. The photos in the article are small but try clicking on it and see if it enlarges. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't!

I have soooooo many ideas of ways to use these shadowboxes. Can't wait to start another!
Make this a great day!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Good Eating!

I have fallen in love with Kashi Frozen Dinners!! They are soooo tasty, unique, and very healthy!! This particular dinner (that I had for lunch yesterday) had such wonderful flavor and so many good grains in it... oats, brown rice, rye, red winter wheat, buckwheat, barley, and sesame seeds. Over this interesting combination were strips of chicken breast, spinach, orzo, red peppers, crimini mushrooms, Parmesan cheese and a garlicky sauce. It was soooooo yummy!! I'm hooked! They are a bit more expensive than most frozen dinners however Walmart has a great selection and good prices. I've had several of the other entrees and each one was tasty! Very high in fiber!!
Check out the Kashi website for some really great sounding recipes.

It's 0 degrees at the moment but I'm in the mood to go to Target. I do have a short list but with Valentine's Day quickly approaching I want to see what they have to add to my heart collection. Even without Boyd here I want to make the effort to continue familiar traditions. I think that's really important for my mental and emotional health.

I love Target!

Make this a GREAT day and treasure every moment with family and friends!

Hugs around the world... Joni

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hello you wonderful people!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kind comments when Boyd died. I read them over and over and they brought me such a warm feeling. I love you all for responding to a difficult post.

I'm getting used to being alone... somewhat... and thought it time to attempt posting on my blog. My attention span is very short right now... I'm finding it hard to concentrate. But it's a beginning!

I was looking for a crazy photo in my files and found this one of Wendy, her friend Tiffany, and Kristin. It was taken New Year's Eve at a "Wigs & Wine" party. Kristin had flown to Phoenix from Chicago to celebrate with Wendy, Darin, and friends and get a bit of sunshine. Kristin was back in Phoenix last weekend to run the PF Chang "Rock and Roll Marathon" with a whole group of friends. FUN!!
Wendy and Darin just left for the PGA in Florida. Kristin is joining them tomorrow night. They never sit still. They live each day!
When I found Boyd that Monday, both girls were here that same day. They stayed for a week and held me up and organized the funeral, etc. I applaud their employers for giving them that time.
I copied this from Karen Walker. Try it yourself!

Outside my window . . . fresh snow on the sidewalks and sunny.
I am thinking . . . please let this Vertigo go away so I can drive.
I am thankful for . . . another day and my wonderful girls, my friends, & SIL Mary.
I am wearing . . . jammies with a hoodie sweatshirt zipped up. Charming!
I am remembering . . . Boyd
I am going . . . to get the Christmas decor tucked away in the basement today.
I am currently reading . . . 'People of the Book' by Geraldine Brooks. It's the first book I've tried that has hooked me.
I am hoping . . . for another good night's sleep.
On my mind . . . organizing papers for my attorney.
Noticing that . . . I'm not eating well... few veggies.
Pondering this word . . . "widow". I don't associate it with me. That's something that only happens to other people.
From the kitchen . . . I actually made chili a few days ago. After one bowl I froze the rest.
Around our house . . . Stacks of legal papers.
One of my favorite things . . . movies, movies, and more movies. I get lost in them and forget reality.
There! I did it! And it wasn't so difficult!
Love to you all!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sad News

Yesterday, January 4th, my dear Boyd died unexpectedly at home. He was 62 years old.