Saturday, June 13, 2009

What's Happening!!

It's been quite a while since I posted on my blog, but life has thrown us a few curves.

Boyd started running fevers again and we were in and out of our doctor's office, the Emergency room and the hospital... for weeks and weeks! He was frustrated and I was just plain scared!! He gradually became 'short-of-breath' and another trip to the doctor. This time she admitted him right into the Intensive Care Unit. They finally did a heart catherization and found that he had suffered 2 heart attacks. Being a bad diabetic, he had not felt them as he had lost sensation in and around his heart (neuropathy) and they didn't show up on a cardiac monitor.

So then we started dealing with a Cardiac Surgeon and surgery was scheduled. But one blood test kept showing an infection in his body. Now we had to start working with an Infectious Disease Doctor to find out what was going on and surgery was cancelled.

To wrap this up... there wasn't an infection and Boyd had Open-Heart Surgery this past Thursday. Surgery went well but his diabetes is causing some problems. He's in Cardiac Intensive Care right now with tubes and wires sticking out all over. They're watching him closely for renal (kidney) failure... another side effect of that nasty disease Diabetes.

I spend my days at the hospital and get home and crash!!When I get up in the morning I've been working on my layouts... that really relaxes me! If you're interested in seeing any of them... just click on Designers Digital on the top-right side of the blog.

Please keep Boyd in your thoughts and prayers.