Thursday, May 31, 2007

"A Week in the Life of..."

One morning I was reading my favorite blogs and I saw a scrapbook challenge by Ali Edwards (Simple Scrapbooks magazine). She challenged you to create a mini album about "A Day in the Life of ..." yourself. What a great way to reflect about each day in words and pictures!

I kept a notebook on my desk with a pen and camera beside it... ready for those photo ops and journaling. I took photos representing everything I did... seven days of lime yogurt, tea, and a banana for breakfast (what a rut), the Diet Coke I consumed (oh-my-gosh), books I read, the stores I went to, and so on.

Fun project! It certainly gave me the opportunity to step back and look at how I spent the hours in a day. I became aware of how many movies we actually watch in a week, how much time is spent on the internet, and the loooooong (delightful) naps I take each day. Will I make changes because of this project? A few... for awhile probably. But then again, I am retired after all!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Day one of my blogging experience.

I took the big step to digital scrapping and I really like the results. However, I have to add dimension with some tactile treats... ribbon, flowers, bling, etc. My order from 2 Peas of "Love, Elsie" products arrived yesterday and I'm anxious, anxious, anxious to create something with them. After reading Stacy Julian's The Big Picture... a "must" to read and reread... I've been much more introspective and have changed my scrapping focus. I journal more from my heart and even in my own handwriting... which was never good enough before. I think my products now are an insight into who I really am, rather than just creating a cutesy and clever layout or mini book.

My husband Boyd is a fantastic cook... he calls his time in the kitchen "my scrapbooking time". I reap the benefits of his "play"... YUM! He's on his computer ordering cooking supplies and I'm ordering art supplies.

My daughter Kristin just bought her first home... a condo on Michigan Ave in Chicago. What a view! It's fun to watch her decorating it and to see how different our color choices are... she's using soft colors and it looks lovely. I'll post some pictures when all is done. She moved in Easter weekend and she is almost finished. She is a dynamic & energetic girl.

My other daughter Wendy is sporting a sparkling new engagement ring... so beautiful! She'll be moving next month from Washington DC to Arizona. She's doing their house in yellow, red, and black... now that I can relate to!

They both have such inner and outer beauty! I'm so proud to be their Mom.

Must get out of my jammies and accomplish something... like cleaning.