Thursday, May 31, 2007

"A Week in the Life of..."

One morning I was reading my favorite blogs and I saw a scrapbook challenge by Ali Edwards (Simple Scrapbooks magazine). She challenged you to create a mini album about "A Day in the Life of ..." yourself. What a great way to reflect about each day in words and pictures!

I kept a notebook on my desk with a pen and camera beside it... ready for those photo ops and journaling. I took photos representing everything I did... seven days of lime yogurt, tea, and a banana for breakfast (what a rut), the Diet Coke I consumed (oh-my-gosh), books I read, the stores I went to, and so on.

Fun project! It certainly gave me the opportunity to step back and look at how I spent the hours in a day. I became aware of how many movies we actually watch in a week, how much time is spent on the internet, and the loooooong (delightful) naps I take each day. Will I make changes because of this project? A few... for awhile probably. But then again, I am retired after all!!

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