Friday, December 3, 2010

December Daily #2

Day 2
The Story...

On this VERY cold December 2nd, my good neighbor Glen arrived at my door and offered to put my lights on my fence. What a sweet man he is!! I had bought all new lights this year and he had quite a time getting them all straightened out... laughing all the way! He twisted them all over the top of my picket fence and set them on a timer. Last night my yard was lit up so brightly. Soooooo beautiful! Thank you Glen!! I love you! Santa comes in many forms. You were my Santa today!! Now I need to pay it forward.

  Love to all!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Daily #1

I just got home the night of the 30th and CRASHED! But I didn't want to get behind with my December Daily album. Soooooooo...

I found this photo of some vintage luggage months ago and saved it in my 'Christmas 2010' file just for this day. Good planning , joni... as I broke my camera on our trip. So happy to have a photo ready! I added the airplane and a few words, mounted it on red paper, and it is done. I also added a 3-D red number 1 in the top left hand corner.

I wrote the story of "the day" on Word and added it on the page on the left side.

I'll get photos of the actual pages as soon as I can get my camera lens repaired.

Love you all!