Sunday, November 29, 2009

Getting Ready...

Yes, I'm putting up Christmas decorations! Much earlier this year than years before. My daughter Wendy decorated her entire house before Thanksgiving. They're in Hawaii for a week and she wanted to come home with everything complete. Then she could put her time into creating her Hawaiian Album. Soooooo organized!! Her Christmas presents are even wrapped and ready to be shipped (they live in Phoenix).

After showing you some ideas to jazz up candles in hurricane glasses, I had to share what is sitting on our coffee table in the den. It didn't photograph very well but it's pretty in person. I filled the bottom of the glass with some old fashioned candies from a local candy shop.

Just think of all the possibilities!! This is our holiday 'night light' in the hallway before our bedroom. Branches sprayed silver and sprinkled with silver glitter and stuck in a gold vase. I also added some branches that have those little optic lights on them from Target. This really lights up the hallway at night and looks sparkly during the day too!

These little people are waiting for their place on our tree. The tree is up but doesn't have it's lights strung, so the decorations have to wait. Besides... these little guys look so cute snuggled in their little box! Wendy sent them for my birthday (
I am getting so anxious for December 1st so I can start my "December Daily" album. Just a few days to go!! You still have time to join me in this fun project!!
A favorite quote from Abraham Lincoln...
"People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."
Choose happiness!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quick Seasonal Decorations

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, you just might need a simple centerpiece or a side table touch-of-the-season. Here are a few simple ideas that you can pull together quick-as-a-wink!!

A candle in a glass vase, sconce, etc and a bit of color!! Cranberries add that touch of red and feeling of the season. Also great for Christmas!Twigs, acorns, a few leaves and you celebrate the Holiday with an Autumn feel!

A little red... a little green.... candles and glass! Always a winner!

My favorite... gather and polish acorns... glue on their caps... remember that big trees grow from these tiny pretties. Speaking of polish... grab a few small pumpkins (some white if you can find them)... wash them and polish them with furniture polish. A lovely luster! Table-worthy. We're celebrating Thanksgiving at Boyd's parent's home this year. His brother and his sister and her family... also Kristin is here from Chicago!! Yeah!! I never take time with my daughters for granted. My other daughter Wendy and her husband Darin are going to Hawaii for the week. I wish them a safe, fun, and relaxing trip.
I believe in the power of prayer! Prayers for my friend Marcia, her dad 'Dutch', and family at the loss of her mother this week will be appreciated.
Make this a great day!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

2009 December Day-by-Day Album

This is last years 2008 December Daily album... And here is the new... in-progress... 2009 album!
Boy, I sat on this project for a long time... wanting to do something REALLY different! Finally I just jumped in one day and created an album that looks a lot like last years including the acetate covers! The paper cover, under the acetate, was done digitally this year!! The great part is that you can't make a mistake... there are no rules and it's whatever works for you!

Here are a few inside pages (no dates yet) to give you a feel for it's flavor. On December 1st I will journal an introduction page about my feelings, etc, that day.

I'm fond of layers of different sizes and shapes.

I did put a date on this page because it's St Nicks day at our house and I sort of have a feel for where I'm going with this.

At the end of the album I put this "Christmas Memories" page. It's always fun to reflect on memories.
That's just a quick sample, but I hope I've motivated someone to give a December Daily album a try! You will be so happy you did... and it's such fun!
Make this a great day!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Things!

For my birthday, my sweet husband gave me this cute little 7" TV for my desk. I just love it!! I spend a lot of time at my desk with my computer, photoshop, and just plain old creating! It's sitting on a cable box and has lots of channels. The History channel is on all day at our house and I throw in a few Lifetime movies... mysteries only! My little corner of the world is just perfect for me!! By the way, the TV also plugs into the car's lighter! ALSO NEW... My daughter, Kristin (the Chicago girl), got a tattoo on her foot... a daisy!! That's a first in our family! But... it's really cute on her dainty little foot! I was surprised how much I liked it! She did say that the process hurt. Kristin works for Sanford that makes Sharpie markers and I really thought she'd drawn it on her foot with a Sharpie marker!

I've got my December Daily album done and ready to go on December 1st. I'll share photos on my next blog of the album . Last year we were in Phoenix AZ on the 1st & 2nd... so palm tree pictures! When we flew home on the 3rd Green Bay was covered with snow and ice. Such fun to have that documented!
Make this a GREAT day!
Choose happiness!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

This is the cutest!!

I was reading Karen Walker's Blog "Random Reflections" several days ago and fell in love with her adorable stamped owl cards (Karen is also a scrapper & photographer). I mentioned to her that I'd love to give card making a try and "where do I start..." to get the quality she creates. She responded with a great site that caused my heart to beat rapidly in anticipation. The blog belongs to Nicole Heady and sent me into a frenzy of excitement... no kidding!! My creative juices were running!!

Look at these adorable cardstock houses... too cute!! You'll see more on the blog.

I love this little red house created by Debbie Olson... love the colors!!

This is a house by Nichole Heady and Lauren Meader! It is so precious!!

Another view! I love the boughs and the buttons. The boughs are made with a Martha Stewart punch which after much searching I just found & bought from Paper Wishes.

A close up of the curtain stamp with the window stamp over the curtains. There are so many, many stamps in the set!

Look at the lovely card created from the same stamp set.

A close up of the card!

The pattern for the house is a PDF file ready to be printed on cardstock with your printer! Lauren Meader created the pattern... she's so talented!! Check out her blog!! Delicious!! The house pattern is only $5.00 and can be downloaded... and used over and over!!

My directions (PDF file) are printed and my house is next to be printed. Just trying to decide on what color cardstock to use. I ordered the stamp set last night at midnight when it was released for purchase... now I just have to wait for the mail to bring it to me!! But meanwhile, I can get the house put together... or several!!
Make this a great day!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

WELCOME to our home!!

My daughters haven't seen our 'new old house' put together. So these photos are for them! But I welcome you to peek into our little cottage home too!

I made this seasonal wreath a few years ago but it's holding up well. This is in the computer room... looking into the living room. You go up 2 blue steps and you are in the living room.
Here is the living room with an informal dining area (see the hutch sticking up on the left).

The fun part of this house... built in 1943... are the little built-ins here and there. Like this bookshelf! And going down 2 steps to the computer room.

My goal was "cozy"!! And I'm really pleased with the way it's turning out. The red blue and yellow run through most of the house, although I had the kitchen painted 'Bisque' to provide a blank canvas to work with. I've accented it with red, black, and tan (pics another day)
You can see through to the den (my favorite room) and the door to the right is the 'front door' which goes onto a covered porch. The fireplace behind the couch is in the process of getting a painted Scandinavian design... not completed yet. That wall is also brick but I had everything painted yellow (brick included) and it's difficult to see. The coffee table is amazing... the top is on hinges that allow the whole to to slide up and forward and a great place to have dinner with a movie. It's all about comfort!
Make this a great day! Choose happiness!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Before and After...

Yes... this is the chaos (somewhat organized chaos) that was my desk and work space at our house in Green Bay.
And then we moved to Oshkosh several weeks ago and I had to sort it all out. BIG JOB!!

Now we are in our 'new old house' and I am loving my new organized spot. I found this wooden desk organizer at Achievers... a chain scrapbook Store. It holds sooooo much!! It certainly helped my desktop!!I found this great little red shelf at Perfect for treasures that I like to look at over-and-over and things that inspire me!

Here's a peek at my half of the new-old computer room. I am really enjoying working in this area. I didn't realize how much I needed ORDER to create in. I actually designed and made my Christmas cards the other day (another post).

I am so happy about our move... now that it's over!! I needed a decorating project and this house needed redecorating. I took pictures yesterday and will gradually share them with you this week and next.
Make this a good day!!
PS Today's my 66th birthday!!
More photos about that in the next few days!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Mickey Mouse's Makeover!

This is Mickey in his 1928 debut as 'Steamboat Mickey' in his first cartoon. This often pops up in trivia games as a question!In the 50's Mickey took on the look that we all know and love to this day... cute, sweet and lovable. Easily identifiable by children and adults all over the world. He represented fun, love, kindness, and safety.

Well folks... this was in the news today! Mickey's makeover! More rat-like and mean-spirited!

M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e (you have to sing it)!! Disney... how could you??
Do you have a favorite memory sparked by thinking "Mickey Mouse"?? Why don't you share it!
MINE: In the 50's I was an avid fan of the original Mickey Mouse TV Show. I ate many dinners on a TV tray in front of that show! I knew every song and dance routine and every Mouseketeer! I felt so safe and warm watching that show in our little house in Milwaukee. Life was good!
Make this a great day!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Free Holiday Class!!

I was sooooooo excited when I saw this notice this morning... and it's FREE!!

Jessica Sprague's classes are OUTSTANDING!!! I have learned so much from her... she is a great teacher!! And this class is for anyone... anywhere!! And you don't have to be a digital scrapper... just take the class and Jessica will teach you all you need to know (through on-line videos). You will come out with a finished album ready for your holiday memories!!

I made one last December and I read it every now-and-then. Such fun... such wonderful memories!!

This class is FREE... you have nothing to lose!!
Go to register (takes 2 minutes) and you'll be all set to go!! Just have to wait until the 16th to get started. I just put the dates on my wall calendar so I won't forget! If you don't want to continue at anytime... you don't have to!! You're doing this from the privacy of your home! I'll be here to help you if you have any problems or don't understand something! You can even involve your kids... they catch on faster than adults!

Her videos are available 24/7 and you can replay them as many times as you want. She always has wonderful freebies for you too!!

Can't wait!!! Join me!!!