Friday, November 6, 2009

Mickey Mouse's Makeover!

This is Mickey in his 1928 debut as 'Steamboat Mickey' in his first cartoon. This often pops up in trivia games as a question!In the 50's Mickey took on the look that we all know and love to this day... cute, sweet and lovable. Easily identifiable by children and adults all over the world. He represented fun, love, kindness, and safety.

Well folks... this was in the news today! Mickey's makeover! More rat-like and mean-spirited!

M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e (you have to sing it)!! Disney... how could you??
Do you have a favorite memory sparked by thinking "Mickey Mouse"?? Why don't you share it!
MINE: In the 50's I was an avid fan of the original Mickey Mouse TV Show. I ate many dinners on a TV tray in front of that show! I knew every song and dance routine and every Mouseketeer! I felt so safe and warm watching that show in our little house in Milwaukee. Life was good!
Make this a great day!


Thimbleanna said...

Sad, sad, sad! I love Mickey too. Bring Walt back!

Anonymous said...

I also love The Mickey Mouse Club. Goodness, that goes back a ways. I'm hoping Boyd is doing well and you are settled in your new (old) house. Is this where you grew up? Tracy and I drove across country this summer and I stopped in both the towns I grew up in (Hays, Kansas & Amanda, Ohio). No one I know in either town now. Seems so strange. Good to hear from you. I'd checked your blog several times and wondered what was up.

Isabelle said...

Oh Joni, I'm so glad you're back and Boyd is reasonably ok. I thought you'd given up blogging for good.

I'm amazed that there's a place called Oshkosh (is that the spelling?)

Almost as good as our Auchtermuchty and Auchenshoogle.

BarbO said...

Good to see you back, Joni! Hope you and Boyd are doing well, and your move was a good one!

Helen said...

And you know what else .... do you remember Holly Hobby?? I was just printing off colouring pages for Katie and I had a choice of "old" or "new" Holly Hobbie!


prashant said...

Hope you and Boyd are doing well, and your move was a good one!

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Lynn said...

First time visitor to your blog. I love Mickey also. Must be the 50's!
I would love to show you my t-shirt quilt using only Mickey t-shirts. Made it for the grandkids, but loved it so much I keep it at my house for them to use when they are here.