Thursday, November 12, 2009

WELCOME to our home!!

My daughters haven't seen our 'new old house' put together. So these photos are for them! But I welcome you to peek into our little cottage home too!

I made this seasonal wreath a few years ago but it's holding up well. This is in the computer room... looking into the living room. You go up 2 blue steps and you are in the living room.
Here is the living room with an informal dining area (see the hutch sticking up on the left).

The fun part of this house... built in 1943... are the little built-ins here and there. Like this bookshelf! And going down 2 steps to the computer room.

My goal was "cozy"!! And I'm really pleased with the way it's turning out. The red blue and yellow run through most of the house, although I had the kitchen painted 'Bisque' to provide a blank canvas to work with. I've accented it with red, black, and tan (pics another day)
You can see through to the den (my favorite room) and the door to the right is the 'front door' which goes onto a covered porch. The fireplace behind the couch is in the process of getting a painted Scandinavian design... not completed yet. That wall is also brick but I had everything painted yellow (brick included) and it's difficult to see. The coffee table is amazing... the top is on hinges that allow the whole to to slide up and forward and a great place to have dinner with a movie. It's all about comfort!
Make this a great day! Choose happiness!!


Thimbleanna said...

It's beautiful Joni! I'd say you've definitely achieved your goal!

Rhona said...

I love your new old house! We have very similar colours - I also have a blue lounge suite with red accents (curtains, cushions, patchwork) but my walls are cream.

Thanks for your comment on my blog :) The sewing is a little lap quilt for my great nephew for Christmas. I didn't want to show too much as my niece looks at my blog sometimes. I've also got a little quilt to make for my new great niece (recent photos on the blog) so I'm keeping busy.

Looking forward to seeing your kitchen next. My first kitchen was red and white :)

Junie Moon said...

I love the colors, it looks so you, Joni! When we move to Florida, my plan is to use sea glass colors in my decorating scheme.

Beth Dunn said...

What a lovely home you have! oxxo


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a fresh and cozy space! Your buttery yellow walls are beautiful.

Isabelle said...

So pretty!

Helen said...

just beautiful Joni! Thank you for giving us a window to your world - have a great week!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful, Joni. I love red, blue and yellow. You'd find all three colors in my house, too.

BarbO said...

I knew it would look great, Joni! When we had the big sale, I could tell how cute it had been before your move. That's one of the first things Darin told me when he met you for the first time; "you're gonna love her house, Mom".
Hope things are going well for you and Boyd!

melanie said...

It looks great! I love the yellow and can't wait to see the finished fireplace. Missed you!