Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Things!

For my birthday, my sweet husband gave me this cute little 7" TV for my desk. I just love it!! I spend a lot of time at my desk with my computer, photoshop, and just plain old creating! It's sitting on a cable box and has lots of channels. The History channel is on all day at our house and I throw in a few Lifetime movies... mysteries only! My little corner of the world is just perfect for me!! By the way, the TV also plugs into the car's lighter! ALSO NEW... My daughter, Kristin (the Chicago girl), got a tattoo on her foot... a daisy!! That's a first in our family! But... it's really cute on her dainty little foot! I was surprised how much I liked it! She did say that the process hurt. Kristin works for Sanford that makes Sharpie markers and I really thought she'd drawn it on her foot with a Sharpie marker!

I've got my December Daily album done and ready to go on December 1st. I'll share photos on my next blog of the album . Last year we were in Phoenix AZ on the 1st & 2nd... so palm tree pictures! When we flew home on the 3rd Green Bay was covered with snow and ice. Such fun to have that documented!
Make this a GREAT day!
Choose happiness!!


Thimbleanna said...

Fun stuff at your house Joni! I used to cringe when I'd see a tatoo -- but now I figure, whatever makes the wearer happy!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I know--D's so glad it won't be 20 below for deer hunting this year!
Your new TV is awesome--what a nice treat.

Rhona said...

Great idea to have a little TV on your desk - unfortunately I don't have any room on mine ;o). The tatoo does look cute. I used to really dislike them but my son now has 3 and I have to admit I've got used to them - though I'd prefer he didn't have too many more!

bingo~bonnie said...

I think as simple and small as the design was I would have gone the SHARPIE option and then when it wore off I could have changed it up a bit with something new - perhaps a butterfly or diamond ring, a thimble, kitten, clover,...whatever...

would have saved money not to mention not something permanent!