Saturday, November 21, 2009

2009 December Day-by-Day Album

This is last years 2008 December Daily album... And here is the new... in-progress... 2009 album!
Boy, I sat on this project for a long time... wanting to do something REALLY different! Finally I just jumped in one day and created an album that looks a lot like last years including the acetate covers! The paper cover, under the acetate, was done digitally this year!! The great part is that you can't make a mistake... there are no rules and it's whatever works for you!

Here are a few inside pages (no dates yet) to give you a feel for it's flavor. On December 1st I will journal an introduction page about my feelings, etc, that day.

I'm fond of layers of different sizes and shapes.

I did put a date on this page because it's St Nicks day at our house and I sort of have a feel for where I'm going with this.

At the end of the album I put this "Christmas Memories" page. It's always fun to reflect on memories.
That's just a quick sample, but I hope I've motivated someone to give a December Daily album a try! You will be so happy you did... and it's such fun!
Make this a great day!



Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is so lavish! Beautiful work.

Rhona said...

Joni, I do admire you for jumping in and getting started. I've thought about doing an album for the last couple of years and still haven't done anything. I'm afraid I'm a bit of a perfectionist and like things orderly (in scrapbooking at least) so find different sized pages a challenge. I've signed up for Jessica Sprague's Holidays In Hand class and am hoping that'll inspire me. If you keep posting your layouts perhaps I'll jump in too. Thanks for sharing your album x

Angie said...

I keep wanting to do something like this. . .maybe next year. I've got too many irons....well, you know what I mean.

I thought of you today -- and I know a store I'm taking you to if you EVER come to TN. They had little pixie ornaments, and so many wonderful red & white things. . . I couldn't help but think of you!!!

Thimbleanna said...

Very cool Joni! I love that the pages are all different. What fun you'll have filling it out!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joni, You're ahead of me in getting ready for December, but I blogged about Journal Your Christmas today as well! Love the album.

Helen said...

oh for you to spend a day with Katie .. you two would have a blast! This is so awesome! LOVE your energy and creations!