Wednesday, January 23, 2008

When I was growing up my mom and I used to make dolls of paper and/or felt. Often simple heart shaped bodies with arms, legs and embellishments from a large box that held ribbons, rick-rack, and other goodies. We'd hang them in the windows, from a cupboard handle, or the refrigerator. They'd twirl with the air currents and smile down at us from their display spot.
Last week I discovered Dot from Australia and her blog Dot's life and Art .
I fell in love with her dolls and knew I had to make one... NOW!! (no patience)
Introducing (drum roll please) Zelda-the-Valentine-Vamp!
And here she is in all her splendor... decked out for a night on the town.
Hair piled high on her head.
Ornaments in her hair.
Lipstick carefully applied.
Sparkles on her dress.
Favorite high heels for dancing.
Go, Zelda, go!!
Here's a close-up of her hair ornaments and lovely face.
The possibilities for these art dolls are limitless. And I feel a collection coming on.
Mr Yummers says, "Oh no... the 'C' word".

Dot created the Dotee Doll to "... bring color and happiness to people and to connect to people from different parts of the world."
"The Internet has made the world a much smaller place and my heart is warm thinking of people making little dolls to swap or to give as gifts", Dot shared.

There are Dotee Doll swaps at

Dot has a Dotee Doll tutorial on her January 18th post.

Zelda is only a bit bigger than the palm of my hand.
I may make a doll each month to match the flavor of the month.
I'd like to see them all on a little tree at some time.

Please look at some of the other Dotee Dolls.
Each is different, fun, unique and sometimes quirky.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!



Anina said...

So cute! I love her hair.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I was lucky enough to win a Dotee doll in a giveaway a few months ago but I'd never thought of trying to make one myself -maybe now is the time to do so! Lucy x

Dot said...

Joni - I adore Zelda! You have done an amazing job on her. She is so vibrant and colorful with oodles of personality!

Love her hair :)

Thanks so much for mentioning my blog and for the lovely things you said. A big yay for you!!

Angie said...

One word (i think):


Helen Hancock said...

OH not the "C" word LOL!!!!!!!! I love the detail on the face! Too good Grammy J!! She is adorable!

Junie Moon said...

She is so adorable! I love her little face, such sweet detail in that. It's great to see a photo after we discussed it on the phone the other night. Now I understand about this cute doll. Great job, Joni! And thank you for the links.

Julie said...

Hi Joni! Your dotee doll is wonderful! I love her eyes. Thank you for calling in at my blog. Why have I not found you before? I'm off for a look round :-))

Gina said...

Zelda is gorgeous Joni! Very colourful and zany!

Gina x

Pat said...

Oh I love your blog, Joni! So many fun things to look at and read about! I'll be back visiting often. Going to go look at Dotee's dolls now. THANKS!