Monday, January 14, 2008

I just had to share a few photos from Saturday's Playoff Game
because it was such a crazy fun day.
This is my daughter Kristin (from Chicago)
and her friend Kathryn (from Milwaukee) pre-game.
You can't buy tickets to a Packer game... you have to inherit them.
Kathryn's family was one of the lucky ones.
This is a picture from early in the game... light snow.

I included this picture because this is the U of Wisconsin Marching Band.
Mr Yummers played in the band through college as did his brother and sister and 2 cousins.
It's a wild and crazy band that runs into the bleachers and so on.
Notice how the snow is getting heavier.

As the game progressed so did the snow.
Visibility was poor especially with the lights shining on the huge flakes.

By the end of the game it was just white out there!!
I laughed at these two girls who are tall and thin... they have so many layers
of clothes on
and puffy down-filled jackets
that they look inflated... but still beautiful!
They were hoarse from cheering and exhausted.
And at their age... loved every minute of it!!
The Green Bay Packers beat the Seattle Seahawks
42 to 20!!!

The New York Giants come to Green Bay Sunday
to see who goes to the SUPER BOWL!!

See you tomorrow... all decked out in red and pink
and covered with hearts.



Angie said...

I thought of you and Kristen when I saw the highlights last night on the news! Brrrrrrrr!!!

Can't wait until tomorrow!

Anina said...

We're really bummed out here in Seahawks country.

Helen Hancock said...

I know nothing about American football so good to see. This game,however, did make it onto our news if you can believe it. We thought you were all crazy being and playing in that snow! Too funny!

de vliegende koe said...

Congratulations Mrs Yummers!! Wonderful to see the photos of the girls and the football.
I will be back tomorrow to check your red and pink hearts! I think it will be great!

Junie Moon said...

I cannot at all figure out how they play games in snow like that, but they do.

Your daughter looks just like you, Joni--beautiful!

melanie said...

We were VERRRY excited the Packers won. They are our 2nd team (after the 'skins). And I would love to see them beat the Pats in the S'bowl. Urgh!
What brave girls - you Packer fans are no joke.

Wendy said...

Loved the photos and the journaling and we are crying because Dallas lost out!! Ahh well maybe next year!! Good luck to your Team, may they make it to the Super Bowl!!