Thursday, January 17, 2008

Valentine's Day
My mom always had a wonderful stash of fabrics, felt, and oilcloth.
What a wealth of fun!!
We had a Singer machine that was in a small table and had a knee pedal.
She sewed beautifully and taught me how to sew when I was very young.
We even took sewing lessons together together and entered sewing contests together.
I'll always be grateful for all the time she gave me.
The best of gifts!!
The next generation...
I remember when my oldest daughter Kristin was in elementary school, she drew the most incredible detailed heart. We made a silk screen and copied the heart onto pink fabric with red paint. We used these to make little heart-shaped pillows with red & white polka dot ruffles around the edge.Kristin gave them to special friends for Valentine's Day.
Yesterday I sewed a heart on hot pink felt and kept going around and around the heart with different stitch lengths and a variety of stitch styles. I didn't want it to be symmetric... I love the whimsical. Then I sewed on a few buttons and glued the heart to a patterned piece of cardstock.
I stamped the word love around the heart (rubber stamps) as it needed something else.
I popped it into a frame without glass and
It's now sitting on the top of a bookshelf in our bedroom.

This is the mess I made looking for just the right eleven buttons for the heart.
I'm still picking them up off the floor as Gabby Cat bats them with her paw.
This could be made with simple hand stitching or elaborate embroidery stitches.
Whatever you make... make the process enjoyable.

Have a wonderful weekend!
See you Monday with... Our Valentine Tree.
A tradition that goes back to my childhood.

Our home team, The Green Bay Packers, play the New York Giants
Sunday here in Green Bay. The winner goes to the Super Bowl.
This is very, very exciting!!
The weather will be hovering around zero degrees F.
We had ticket offers but declined. It's so cozy on our couch,
fire in the fireplace, some low fat snacks, and a large screen TV.


Anina said...

I love it! And I have an empty easel sitting in the foyer waiting for something...

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

more lovely inspiration! thanks joni!

hunnybunny said...

Oh my goodness that is such a cute project. I can see them all around my kitchen, which to be honest is pink, white, red and filled with hearts and Hello Kitty.
We both have big games to watch on Sunday, wonder what project we'll be working on. My husband teases me because I have projects just for watching games, so I can be productive and still watch. Ok I'll be honest so it's acceptable when I don't sit still.

Pat said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to do these posts. I enjoy them very much. I think that I will try a heart this weekend.It is lovely and simple.

Angie said...

Well. . .I'm nearly done with the quilt I cut out for Edison way back before Christmas. When I get that done, I *want* to do some other projects.

I would be watching the game with you -- except I have to go to a baby shower on Sunday afternoon.

So, I'll check it with Mark, to see how it's going.

Go Packers!!!

trashalou said...

I love this series.

I think perhaps Princess Curly-Wurly, Babyman and myself need to sit down and try those fluttery 3D hearts.

Thanks Joni.

Helen Hancock said...

Hope your weekend went well, all snuggled on the couch. You bought back memories of the button jar my mother used to have. Beautifully inspirational as always my friend.

Junie Moon said...

What a cute project! It really looks lovely and the detail of stitching around and around echoes the whole concept of love circling round and round us.

Heleen said...

What a nice pink heart! (my favorit colour). Can't wait to see your valantine tree...

Isabelle said...

All very pretty - think of me, disappeared behind a big pile of essays to mark...

Nan said...

Was watching the game, [brrrrr... it's cold there!] and it made me think of you and how I knew you were plugging for your team. Anyway, I had to take a bloggy break and thought I'd say a quick "hi"