Monday, January 31, 2011

Saturday Storytime

We have a wonderful bookstore in our little town...
Apple Blossom Books!
Lots of books for kids and a good selection for adults.
And on Saturday mornings they have...

The back of the shop has been turned into an enchanting
world for children...
cozy, colorful, creative, and inviting!

One of the cute young gals who works
at the shop is the Story Lady.
This week she read several books about
love & valentines.

My friend Jerry's granddaughter
chose to browse the books
rather than listen to Story time.

I love the way the littlest children
put their legs straight out in front of them
as they listen to the stories.
Such a cute age!

This little girl listened to the stories while she
played with a soft-sculpture tree house on the
colorful carpet.

The Story Lady presented an art
activity that was coordinated with
the books she read to the kids.
She had pre-cut heart frames with
white tissue centers.
The children used glue sticks to
attach pieces of colored paper.

Grandpa Jerry watched all the activity.

This little boy came in his footy pajamas.
He found a place of his very own
to create his heart.

Jerry's grandson worked so intensely and carefully
creating his heart.

When he was through, he held it up for me to see.
Isn't it lovely!

We said Goodbye to the bookstore
and went next door to the Carmel Crisp Cafe.

Jerry's granddaughter was so engrossed
in her new chapter book that
she was in a world of her own as
she ate her ice cream.

A fun morning was had by all!!
Make this a great day!
Read a book!


Rhona said...

Thank you for showing the bookshop, it looks wonderful :). The photo of Jerry's granddaughter eating her ice cream reminds me of my Emily, she has her head in a book whenever possible and I love it!
Have a great week Joni.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a perfectly wonderful place!

iSEO Ranker said...

Wonderful place for children to take a part in educational activities.

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melanie said...

What a sweet place! I'd love to get lost in there too. And Evie wanted me to tell you she likes the red boots song too. :)

Helen said...

how fabulous! like they say, make friends with a book and you will never be lonely! TFS Joni! Have a great week!