Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Class by Christy Tomlinson

                                                              Registration is now Open!

The She Art Workshop is a 3 week e-course the begins February 28th! In this workshop, you will learn how to create unique and detailed girls, as seen in my art projects! I will also share with you how I create my backgrounds, textures, and layering styles on canvases and other surfaces! You will walk away from this class feeling confident in creating your own personalized" She Art" projects as well as having learned new art techniques you can use in other mixed media projects! The She Art Workshop begins February 28th. Registration starts today and ends February 27th!

The She Art Workshop is presented in three parts.

Week one: Get Down to Basics! I will show you all the in's and outs of how I create my backgrounds including unique and thrifty item you can use use AND tricks and tips of using household objects for texture! I will also show you how to create simple dresses, faces and hair using paper, as well as tips for giving your girls a more "painted" look. We will finish it off with learning how to doodle to finish off your project.

Week two: All about the Layers! This week, we will get a little more creative and I will show you how to create layered clothing, how to personalize hair, and layering techniques for backgrounds. We will also add other items to our canvases (like birds, trees, houses, etc), to make a more complete look. Plus some creative writing tips for creating your own she words and phrases to fit the person you are painting it for.

Week Three: Making it yours! In this week I will show you how to create a girl based on a photo of YOU. You will use your picture (I will show you one of mine) as inspiration to sketch and design a girl that represents who YOU are. When you are done, you will have a portrait that simpy portrays how wonderful you are. I will also show you She Art projects that I did using other surfaces like tags, wood, bags, books, and more!

This class will have OODLES of never before seen "She Art" inspiration, just for you! It will also include downloads Pdf's of "She Art" words and phrases you can use on your art as well as templates for clothing, faces, and legs. Plus some fun clipart you can use on your She Art Projects as well!

All instruction will be in Video format, so you can stop and rewind as needed.

The She Art Workshop will begin on February 28th and will be open for an additional 3 week after the class ends (so 6 weeks total availability). You will also have access to a flicker group to share your art with others in the class! I will be available for help at anytime during the class via email and will be in and out of the class forum, checking for questions or help.

The class is $35. for the 3 weeks. To register, go to the bottom of this page 

If this sparks the EXCITEMENT in you as it did in me... join me!!

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