Sunday, February 27, 2011


This is the side of Jerry's 2-story house...
And those HUGE icicles hang over the driveway
where his car and my car were parked.
I could just picture that looooong one
falling and being a murder weapon.

"Do something!! That is so dangerous!!"

And he did...
He threw a broom like a javelin
and clipped the icicle (well most of it)
right off !
Applause Jerry!!
Maybe this will be a new Winter Olympic
Of course the broom bounced off both of our cars...
but no damage!

Life is never dull!
XOXO ~joni


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

The icicles this year are incredible! I cannot get over how LONG they are. My kids rip them off and "sword fight" with them--perhaps we should devise an Icicle Olympics!

Rhona said...

We had huge icicles last year but I'm happy to report we haven't had any this winter! I thought the same as you, if it drops on someone it could do serious damage lol! xx

Isabelle said...

That looks extremely chilly. Thank goodness it's spring here now.

Helen said...

Joni it is always such a pleasure to come here and read your news, see what crafting you have been up to and what wonderful new eye candy you always have to share. I hope you are well ... spring is on the way for you .... though I can't complain ... I do like autumn. Take care.