Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Down Memory Lane

Do any of you remember the old metal clip-on roller skates?
And that skate key hanging around your neck?
By the time my daughters were ready for skates, they were made of plastic. Credits: Paper,"Cool Bananas" from Digital Fingers; Word Art, Elegant Word Art by Bethany: String; Tag by Miss Mint
"Kindergarten Crafts' from peppermintcreative.com.

My mom was full of silly songs that she would sing with the neighborhood kids.
I loved this song because I had such a great mental image of a purple cow,
Credits: "Doodlelicious" by AMC; Frame, Miss Mint "Kindergarten Crafts" from peppermintcreative.com; Cows,
Font/dingbat "DB Animal Occasion".

You need to click on the layout to see the horrid expression on my face. My mom said that was due to the bright floodlights that my Uncle was holding. How far we have come with cameras in
my lifetime.
Credits: Paper, alpha, & hats from "Make a Wish" by Erica Hite from Scrapgirls.com; Ribbon, pink paint, and
word art by Vicki Stegall for '52 Inspirations' from oscraps.com.

Camera shy! That was me! This photo really captures it. Look at that body language
and the frown.
Credits: Paper and all elements are from "Breath of Fresh Air" by Gina Marie Huff from Weeds & Wildflowers.

Have fun and make it a great day!
Love to all,


Anonymous said...

My skates looked exactly like those in the photo. I remember when we would lose our skate key we would buy a new one for approx 15cents at the dime store. We skated and skated and skated, on cracked and bumpy sidewalks and had the best times. :D

Helen said...

Gosh Joni...these are all so fabulous and all so YOU

Angie said...

These are wonderful, Joni. You've really gotten the knack at this digi-scrapping thing! :)

Junie Moon said...

I do indeed remember those skates and my key was proudly worn around my neck. I loved the freedom I felt scooting around on those skates. Lovely pages you've created, so full of wondrous memories.

sassy studio said...

your photos are breath taking! the love your mom shows by each photo she took is so touching. I love each one. amazing. we are back from phoenix and just now I read about your daughter being so close.....I'll work on getting McDreamy to sign up for a work trip in good old Wisc so you can teach me all your photoshop tricks!

nicolette said...

I remember the skates, but living in a shopping street, we were not allowed to play outside very much and I was too scaredy to skate!

You’re making a marvellous journey through your childhood!

jacquie said...

i wore my skate key around my neck to school just about every day. used to skate to and from school on skates just like these. so cool to document those kind of memories.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Those purple cows are so silly and funny--love 'em!

Anonymous said...