Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Snowy Day

I have this feeling inside me that it's Spring and then
I looked out of a window and we're having a BLIZZARD...
and not the kind you get from Dairy Queen.
I went to Pottery and splurged on new Spring bedding.
And I lucked out... the set I wanted was on sale.
We have red night tables so I think this will make us feel fresh
and perky after all the illness in this house. I saw these Easter baskets on and I wanted to share some
inspiration with all of you. I can think of all kinds of possibilities for decorating
some baskets with liners and trims. I bet Thimbleanna would monogram hers!

I am taking quite a journey with all my memories. It is such fun and is sparking
memories of some things I've forgotten.
Summer meant screen porches and storytelling in the dark.
Click on the layout to read my story.
Credits: A heimann "Firefly Lane" QP from Scrap Orchard; some elements by a heimann and Ziggle Designs, "Firefly Lane"
from Scrap Orchard; Fonts: Bradley hand and AR Christy.

My mom kept really good notes in our photo albums. Menus, names, presents
received at birthdays and early Christmas days. These notes spark memories
to fill in the gaps.
Credits: Stitching, mimilou "Love" part 1; silver heart, TMS "Choco Cherry"by The
Maltese Scrapper;
Multi-colored heart, SC elements from Weeds & Wildflowers; red felt heart, mimilou
"Love" elements; Striped heart, "Felty Valentines" by Graphic Jam Designs;
hearts on a string, "Crazy Love" from Digital;red string, Moune-Enormada,
add on.

I love creating these pages but I dislike keeping track of supplies used. I'm just not an organized person. I just keep trying.

Love to you all!


PS. We saw Australia tonight and I loved it!! A good old-fashioned movie where you need tissues.


Thimbleanna said...

And you would be correct Ms. Yummers -- thanks for the great idea! Wouldn't that be cute for the newlyweds -- an easter basket with their monogram??? And she loves polkies too -- you're brilliant!

On another note -- THANKS too for the Monarch of the Glen suggestion. My parents came over yesterday and we watched the first two episodes and loved it! Can't wait until Thursday when we can get together again for the next two. When you suggested it, I didn't have Netflix, but I took notes and have just recently joined so I had to get it. You're a DEAR!!!

the51mom said...

Your blog has inspired me to keep slogging through the old family photos!! Thanks so much for sharing your life. May God bless you and hubby. ~Judith

karen said...

Good to read that your Boyd is getting better. The bedding is beautiful - great choice

Angie said...

So glad to hear Boyd's doing better .. .and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that bedding! So springy!!!

nicolette said...

Love love love your new blog header!!! Totally Spring and so cheerful and happy!!

And the bedding... OMG!

Love and hugs to you and Boyd!! Glad to hear he’s doing better!

Helen said...

I have never seen a blizzard. I hope you all thaw out soon. Great to see those yummy eye candy once more. Love the easter baskets. And it's wonderful to see your sbing pages from your Mum's notes....I do that for my children...I wonder if that will be them one day? Fun! I am yet to see Australia the movie....looking forward to it. We watched the BBC "Cranford" which was wonderful and now last Sunday "Lost In Austen" just started *rubbing hands together* YEY

BarbO said...

Joni, I plan on ordering that exact same Duvet Cover, and doesn't Wendy have it too? It's the only one I keep going back to in my search.
Loved AUSTRALIA, also!! Hope Boyd continues to do well!!

Anonymous said...

Love your new bedding! We had snow again last night, but it is finally getting warmer and we're having more sunny days than cloudy ones. My summer bedding is also from Pottery Barn--quite a few years ago.