Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Weekend!

I bought some daffodils that were closed up so tight... looked like asparagus stalks.
A short time in water and they were open and so beautiful. I have them next to my computer as that seems to be the spot where I spend a great deal of time. Amazing what fresh flowers can do for your mood when we still have a snowy world outside.
I continue to edit old photos, put them in layouts, and tell their story. I'm still exploring my digital materials and my style. I love the clean & crisp look of Helen Hancock's layouts, but so far I've found myself diving into color... can't seem to stay away from it. It's just me!
Credits: Paper, cloth frame, & airplane by Amy Sumrall; Cloud and tag by Chriscrap's "Cocooning 2"; Flowers by Julia Makafinsky,
"French Country" fro Little Dreamer Designs; Border "Doodle Border 2a from Weeds and Wildflowers.
Click on photo to read story.

Credits: Chair by Mimilou Designs, "Tell Me a Little Tale" from; Books and Word Art by TYO "Storytime";
Crown, ia "Newspaper Crown"; Wand, Pascale A's "Magical Wishes" for Scrapwedo.

Credits: All materials by Danielle Engebretson/Danielle Engebretson Designs. Grass is from a brush that was already on my adobe program.

I loved going to camp each summer but this was the only photo that I could find from all those years. I went to Brownie Camp, Girl Scout Camp, Church Camp, and YMCA Camp. Ooooo... the stories I could tell about the Y camp.
Credits: Trees, from Raspberry Roads"Tree Templates" # 010, 03, 09, 01 also from Kryshart's "The Sky is Falling"; Frame, A Heimann's "Come Out and Play" frame 3; Word Aer, by Miss Mint's "Friends" Kindergarten Crafts.
Make it a great weekend!!!
Love to all...


Angie said...

Our daffodils are blooming -- and dying around here. Warm winter days forced them out of the ground. And, then a couple cold winter days knocked 'em back down.

What can you do?

I love your layouts. . . .as always.


Angie said...

Oh. . .and I will post the recipe. :)

jacquie said...

love daffodils...i'm with you on fresh flowers...makes the house so much more cheerful! couldn't be boring if you tried!

Helen said...

oh Joni you are so kind. You know....I love your style. Each and every time I can see your style evolving...a style I could never do. That reading LO is WONDERFUL - ADORE IT - your extraction and placement of books and trees is just wonderful. I adore your crown. ps. Den also loves fresh flowers, but yesterday he bought me an early easter egg instead as he knows I love them so much.

Wendy said...

Joni these are some fantastic layouts...and yes I am like you I like color too...but sometimes I drift away to a black and white photo...But my main goal is too tell a story and I want the next generations to see why I scrapped the photo...I love your layouts as you also journal to explain the photo, beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog...yes you can add things to the sides of your blog...just go to blog layout and click on edit where you want to add things...whether it be the sides or middle. Play around and see what you come up with...I need to do some spring cleaning on my blog but haven't yet...someday :o) I've always loved your blog and your daffodils are beautiful. I bought a bunch of bushes and flowers for my garden last week. We finally got some rain after 8+ months without so everything should grow well now...Take care and have a wonderful rest of your weekend :o)

Anonymous said...

I am stopping by to say how much I enjoy your blog and have enjoyed seeing your scrapbook unfold on it. Happy Sunday :D

Thimbleanna said...

Very fun layouts Joni! Happy Weekend backatcha -- now that it's over LOL!

Junie Moon said...

I agree, there's nothing better than some happy flowers on a gray and dismal day.

Is that real fabric (the blue/white gingham) around the photo in one of your layouts? I love how it looks, real or not.