Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy March 1st!

The Good:
Boyd is slowly healing and even went to the grocery
store yesterday and made dinner. His leg is healing too!
Only 6 weeks to go on the IV antibiotics at home.
It's just become a part of our lives.
The Bad:
I've been making digital layouts for therapy & enjoying
it. However... I didn't keep track of who to credit for the
materials. I decided to just put them on my blog anyway
and get organized for everything else I create.
So... thanks to all the fantastic designers who
created wonderful papers, elements, and alphabets.
The Good:
I started an organizational system that is a binder
alphabetically tabbed for designers & info.
I also created a small flip book for recording all future
layouts I create with credits for each supply used.
Now I can stop 'whining'.
The following layouts are all a part of the album called
"My Story".
When this is completed in a zillion months, then I will
move on to "My Mom's Story" and "My Dad's Story"
Someday my daughters can curl up and walk through
our lives.
Ellen, my first Effenbee doll was always special.
My mom made Ellen adorable outfits and quilts.
My first doll that drank and wet and sucked on a
pacifier. She made several visits to the doll hospital
during her life.
I still have my dolls and their clothes in a trunk.

My legs bowed slightly... like the curve of a pumpkin.

Fun memories of a fun day!

Yup... that's newborn ME!
Did I ever mention that I am an 'only child'?
I loved every minute of it.
We always celebrated St Nick's night and we still do.

Not the most exciting photo but it brings back a lot of
good memories.

The current Milwaukee Zoo is one of the finest in the US.
But there was nothing as wonderful as our original zoo.
They had an enormous monkey island that I could
watch for hours.
Like Eloise... I had a Nanny.
That's Nanny Lockvam with me at the zoo.
I certainly don't look ready to settle down to sleep.

Ah yes... a quick sponge bath in the sink.

I have always loved my telephones through the years.

First year of ballet. The recital!
I was always the tallest.

My first Easter and basket.
My mom didn't miss a photo opportunity.
Now I am so grateful for that.
Well... friends, that's it for this post.
Hard to believe it's March with all the snow outside.
Some of our worst snow storms have been in March in


jacquie said...

what a treasure for your children. i so wish my mom would "tell" her story. happy march to you too!

kikimama said...

Hi hun, didn't realise I hadn't visited for a bit. Sounds like you've had a hard time, glad Boyd's leg is getting better now!

I love all the Digi LOs, you've really been inspired, haven't you! I especially love the Good night, sleep tight one.

Are you taking Digi: In Deep? I am, can't wait.

Thimbleanna said...

Gosh Joni -- you're getting soooo good with all the digital layouts -- they all look super!

Helen said...

OH Joni what a fabulous blog entry. Such good news about Boyd and look at all your fabulous work!!! Be sure to check out my blog, there is a new site just opened up and having freebies all week - one each day.

Junie Moon said...

I'm so happy to hear that Boyd is on the mend and getting out a bit.

As always, your journal pages look awesome. I love seeing your baby pictures.

Angie said...

Your pages are gorgeous, my friend. And, the news of Boyd's recovery is even sweeter.

nicolette said...

I’m happy to hear Boyd is doing better!

You’re making the most sweet gift for your girls! Love to read the pages and to see the pictures from the past!

Molly said...

I love your layouts! Glad to hear B is feeling better. Praying for you guys. Take care.

Isabelle said...

Dear me, didn't know about Boyd's illness. So sorry - hope he continues to mend. Weren't you cute?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Holy smokes--you were a beautiful baby! I love the doll page--very sweet. Glad to hear Boyd is on the mend.