Monday, March 23, 2009

Trippin' Down Memory Lane

I used the word trippin' (down memory lane) because I have a major stumbling block as I create a layout. I have a terrible time keeping track of the "Credits". I have a little spiral notebook and when I start a layout I write down the paper or element and who to credit them to. However... I change my mind so many times that I have writing all over the place with things crossed off... what a mess! I may change the background paper 5-6 times until it looks just right to me. There must be a solution to this. Any ideas??
Credits: Paper, frame, mesh, flowers, swirls leaves by Cin, "Ava Adore" (from;
ribbon by Gina Marie Huff, "Jolly Holiday-Ribbons" (from Weedsand; white overlay by
julydesigns (from
My Mom was the 'Queen of the Birthday Parties' as I grew up. She and I would
decide on the theme and then she'd surprise me. I still have my Toni doll and the
cowboy outfit. Matter-of-fact I have her trunk with all of her clothes.
Credits: Paper and pocket by Scrapmuss Designs, "Under Construction" (from; Checked ribbon
by Simply Sweet Designs; Heart (from; bear (from


This was a photo I didn't pay much attention to until one day I noticed my
mom's notations that it was the picture she chose for our 1943 Christmas card.
Credits: Paper by Nancy Barton; Bow and holly "Christmas Day Collection" ( from; circular
design by Kate Honarvar "Jingle Jangle Christmas" (from
My mom looks so tired as she leaves the hospital with me in my bunting.
Credits: Paper by Kitty-Nikki "Butterfly Girl"; Stars by Holly designs "Sugar and Spice" (from;
word art by Jaelop Designs, "Girly Girl Kit" (from

I have the Spring itch... but still waiting for my Pottery Barn bedding to arrive
(backordered until the 26th) so sometime today I'm going to transform the guest
bathroom with my 'Spring tub' (Rubbermade- for each season) of towels, pictures,
and goodies. That will feel so refreshing!!

Soooo... off to the basement shelves to grab Spring things... I'm very seasonal!

Hugs to you all!


Junie Moon said...

Great layouts, Joni! My only idea regarding credits is using a trick I used in grad school to track references I used in my thesis. I placed each reference on an index card which I placed in a box. If I didn't use that reference, it was placed in the back of the box as sometimes I'd edit the reference back into my project. If I changed a quote or find a different page I wanted to reference, I'd note it on the index card. Everything was kept alphabetically and, at the end, it was super simple to pull my biography together. This may be way more work than you want to do, but I thought I'd share it anyway.

Helen said...

hello my friend....I love the denim pocket on "7th birthday" - wonderful.

Yes credits....hard! But I am like you have a little book which I keep track of everything I use for that week. I don't do credits until I am complete and it's not too bad as I tend to stick to one or two designers per page.

sassy studio said...

great tip by Junie Moon...esp because i will be doing my masters next year! i have been granted early acceptance and my leave by the school board was approved, with 10% of my wage which will cover tuition (cheap here in Canada, I know!)
I love the pic of your mom as she leaves the hospital, proud and bursting with love. I am still in awe of your talent Yummers!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It's in the air--I just put out spring things here yesterday!
The cowgirl party is so clever--I love that page.

Anonymous said...

Love those layouts!

Anonymous said...