Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Memories

I haven't posted for ages because I'm over-my-head in projects.
I've been learning lots of new Photoshop techniques and
making lots of layouts. I haven't posted any of my recent work
because I gave up (for now) trying to record the 'credits'. I use
soooo many different designers and buy so many different kits
that it's easier to just create them and stick them in an album.

I made this layout this morning so I'd have something to post and
I kept track of the designers... gritting my teeth the whole time.

Credits: Paper, "Crazy Bean" by feistuff; Tree, leaves, and stripes by "Kicking Up the Leaves" from Weeds and
Wildflower Designs; Pumpkin, "Pick of the Patch" from Raspberry Road Designs.

I spent Saturday at my friend Chris's house showing her how to use Photoshop

Elements 7. She caught on so quickly and made some wonderful layouts of her

3 boys. So much fun to work together... we both learned a lot!



The dear UPS man was just here... Spring bedding has arrived.

YEA!! It took forever! Now... must hunt for the right sheets.

Also... we saw the movie "Taken" yesterday at the theater.

Really good action movie. Kept us interested all the way to the end.


Thimbleanna said...

Very cute Joni! I wish you were here to give me some photoshop lessons!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Taken looked good in the preview I saw--cool. I hope you have a springy-new bed to sleep in tonight:)

Helen said...

I have been waiting and waiting. Just one page :(

Hang in ... the credit thing will come.

Nancy said...

gorgeous layout joni! i know what you mean about the credits, i spent hours one day rearranging my folders in my computer to keep it all straight. speaking of bedding, i have to get on the ball, my son wants a new spread. Glad to hear you liked "Taken" my husband has been wanting to see that.

Junie Moon said...

You are becoming a world expert with PhotoShop -- I am so impressed with the results you're getting with that program. Just awesome!

Barbara said...

Your layouts are beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you like the tutorial. I have a few more on my blog and tons of freebie kits.

Anonymous said...

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