Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Layouts, Books, and a Movie.

It's so relaxing creating a layout. Time flies! But, you do have a product at the end that makes the time worthwhile. I now have stacks of layouts and need to spread them out on the dining table and put them in order and get them in the albums that await them. I have them all mounted on contrasting cardstock. Credits: Paper and elements by Kitty Chen, Kitty Designs, from; Birthday cake and 'Let's Party' sticker by Erica Hite, "Make A Wish" from
Boyd bought me this huge solid chocolate Easter Rabbit. I ate the ears and the rest is just sitting there... waiting for one of us to have a craving. When you live in Green Bay WI, you just have to taste Seroogy's chocolates now and then.

Credits: Paper from, "Easter Paper 1"; Frame by Chelly Designs at, "April Showers Bring May Flowers"; Blue gingham paper and egg from "Hoppy Easter Kit", designer unknown; White rabbit by Kitty Chen, Kitty Designs, "Jungle Animals" from

I watched this movie a few nights ago and really liked it. It's so well done. I was afraid to watch it as I was certain it would be a sad movie. I made it through the movie without a tear but afterwards... it sat in me like molten lead... for days. The ending is STARTLING!! I really was interested in watching the everyday life of a high-ranking Nazi's family... what they were and weren't aware of as far as the Jewish people.
I often read an author from beginning to end. This is my current read... couldn't put it down last night. I love reading about other cultures. I've read all of the author's books and I would suggest starting with 'Women of the Silk'.

From Library Journal: A work of historical fiction, Tsukiyama's latest novel contains several strong female characters. Set during the onset of the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong in 1940, it first introduces readers to sisters Joan and Emma Lew, ages 14 and nine. The girls, with their servant Foon and their mother's first cousin, Auntie Go, all live "privileged" lives together in Hong Kong until they decide to flee from the imposing Japanese and emigrate to Macao, leaving their father behind to watch the family home. At the war's end, the family returns to Hong Kong with the intention of rebuilding and reclaiming their lives. Culminating in the year 1965, this novel follows its characters through 15 years of growth, maturity, and self-discovery.

Other books by Tsukiyama...

I hope you'll give one a try.
Good reads with a taste of the history of the time.
Make it a great week!
I'm off to work on my Digital Scrapping class... and then organize my closets with Spring clothes.
Love to all,


Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, thanks for the reminder about Boy with the Striped Pajamas. I missed it when it was at the theatres -- will have to put it on my netflix list. Which is huge these days -- we had to buy season 2 of Monarch 'cause Netflix and Blockbuster don't have it and we're hooked and need to get to the rest of the series!

Junie Moon said...

Your layouts are always so lovely. How do you assemble the end products -- in one huge book, one book per whatever category you choose? What kind of albums do you use? Sorry, I'm just so full of questions.

Thank you for the movie recommendation. I'd actually never heard of that movie. And, as always, I love any book suggestions.

Linda said...

Thanks for stopping by. Yup I am from north of Green Bay..Gillett area. About designing well, you notice I do wordart LOL thats cus designing and me don't get along. LOL I can do background papers but not the rest. The class you are taking should help alot. Your pages look great!! I would wait on the tablet for a bit. The designer friends of mine dont use it. Get comfortable with Photoshop and i think you will do fine! Now I am off, trying to find a buyer for some Redlin and Doolittle prints we are selling...time consuming!!LOL Take care, and stop back anytime..Linda

Helen said...

I love your blog Joni, it is always such an interesting read and beautiful to look at as well :)

sassy studio said...

Hi Ya Yummers! I am so glad your hubby is all better. I too am scared to watch the movie.....I might just talk McDreamy into it tonight!

Anonymous said...

That author's been on my list for awhile. I went to the library the other day and came home with five books I found on my Amazon Wish List. That's nothing compare to the pile on the bookshelf. I live that saying: So many books, so little time. I finished two books this week, though; that's good for me. Do you print your pages 8X8? What size cardstock do you put them on? I LOVE your blog banner. Mine needs to be changed. My son-in-law designed it, and I love it but I want to be able to change it. I haven't learned how, and I'm always reluctant to play around when I really don't know what I'm doing! Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

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