Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Continuing Saga...

Boyd continues to improve but this has really sapped his energy.

We are so lucky to be retired and have the time to move at a

snail's pace that his healing requires.


I have a COLD... an old-fashioned, nose-dripping, coughing,

sore throat, cold. Haven't had one in years.

I pray Boyd doesn't get it.


I continue to work on "MY STORY" in photos and words.

My Mom and I used to sit and look at the photo albums

over and over. She'd tell me the stories behind all the

pictures. I'm so glad she did as I can recall them

and now have stories to record.


If you want to read any of the journaling on the layouts

just click on the photo.

When I lived in Germany (teaching), I was so aware of

the parents taking their babies outside in all kinds of

weather from snow to rain. Their buggies were designed

with a cover to allow just the babies face to be exposed.

Credits: Paper by july designs & Hearts by july designs "Mes Coeurs" from Digital Crea;

Frame by A Heimann from "Come out and Play".

Credits: Paper (unknown); Frame by snp "Cardboard Frame;
Bears by S Wheat Creations, "Rainbow Bears".

Love to you all!


Angie said...

These layouts are great. I especially love the hearts in that first one. (Gave me some "sewing" ideas!)

I'm glad that Boyd is able to rest some -- and I am hoping that you're doing the same thing, when you can.

Take care -- drink lots of fluids. Sleep. Read. Rest.

You're in my thoughts....

Junie Moon said...

Oh dear, I hope you both recover soon. Your layouts are, as always, exquisite.

hunnybunny said...

I need to send my friend over here to look at these, I'm trying to talk her into going digital. These are a perfect example of how fab it can be.
I hope that you both resting, and taking good care of yourselves.

Molly said...

Aaw, I'm sorry you're sick! I will be praying that Boyd doesn't get it and complicate his healing process. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joni,

I'm SO SORRY to hear about Boyd! A few days away from reading blogs and so much has happened. I hope he is feeling better (you, too)! So scary. I have been making lots of cards, but doing almost no scrapbooking. I'm getting ready to take a digi class at Getting It Scrapped. I'll let you know what I think. Meanwhile, I'll organizing all my digi supplies in Shoebox. It's going pretty quickly, but I have a ton of stuff, most of which I got for free, thinking some day I would want it. Now is the time. I need to do layouts for four weeks of Project 365. Your daughters are blessed to have the wonderful history you are recording! Take care. You're in my thoughts and prayers.