Friday, June 1, 2007

Treasured Words

On the wall above my desk I have a very large wooden shadowbox where I store my rubber stamps. But because it's what I see when I look up from my laptop, I seem to be tucking loved keepsakes in front of the stamps. Tonight my eyes kept going to some special journaling tied with a red ribbon. I hadn't untied that ribbon in several years... have just enjoyed the comfort of what that ribbon holds... treasured words written by my mom before she died. Her name was Jane... I think that's a beautiful name... and I was always sooooooo proud that she was my mom. She was very organized and had filled out All About Grandma (and Grandpa) books filled with pictures and information. But, these rolled up papers in her handwriting, tell the story of her years in 9 foster homes after her mother died (when she was 5) and her father went back to Norway without her.

Tonight I untied the red ribbon and read her words... her story. It was just as though she was talking to me. How blessed I am to have this to read and touch anytime I want. Today, one out of three families are scrapbooking with journaling. Their children will be blessed too with words, feelings and love to wrap themselves in someday.

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