Wednesday, June 27, 2007


A friend gave me this soft-sculpture of 3 lovely lady friends. I love it! It is so whimsical, colorful, and fun. There is a poem attached that says:
Some friends grow older,
Some grow wiser,
and a few become GENUINE characters.
I can relate to this as I age, life experiences increase, and priorities change. I believe we do become wiser, too... hopefully.

We're off to spend another day with my younger daughter tomorrow morning and I need to go to bed so that tomorrow comes quickly. There's NOTHING like being a mom!


Rhonacs said...

I love these ladies - too cute. I want to be one of the "when I grow old, I shall wear purple" type of people! Have a great day with your daughter.

Isabelle said...

Yes, there is indeed nothing like being a mum, though unlike you I sometimes see its downside too. At the moment, my depressed son-in-law. But it's always a tonic to read your cheery blog.

Wanda said...

Oh Yummers!! I recognized the one in the's me!!! Friends, what a special word. I have a dear friend in Tucson we've been friends for over 60+ years....And I'm so glad I have you as a ""NEW" friend.


Joni, I have to tell you that your swap parcel isn't posted yet (bad, bad me). Apart from being late getting it finished, the day after my birhday I came down with the flu and have been in bed ever since. As soon as I am well enough (and not coughing over everyone) I will go to the Post Office. Have a lovely weekend.
PS: If my husband catches me out of bed I will be in BIGGGG trouble-lol.

May Britt said...

Browsing through your blog right now I found these ladies. How cute they are. May I ask if your friend made them or are they bought??