Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Where Am I???

Can you quess where I spent the afternoon? The picture backgound will give you a hint. No, it's not a barn, even though I do live in Wisconsin!
Let me tell you a bit more. Because of all the time I spend at home scrapping, reading, knitting, chatting on the phone, etc, I suggested to my husband that HE pick out someplace for us to venture to at least once a week. I promised that I'd go along smiling, humming, maybe even skipping... never a grumble.
And today, I didn't grumble because I love him and because I knew I could turn anyplace he took me into a "photo op" for a mini album... he, he, he! Quess where we went? OK... here it is...
The Railroad Museum! Yes indeedy! And we pulled in the parking lot the same time as this HUGE tour bus full of cute little white heads. Nothing against SENIOR CITIZENS... I am one too! Anyway, the first 2 hours really weren't bad. We took the train ride around... and around... and around the grounds. And then it was movie time. What can I say?? I snuck out and went to the gift shop. I used to be drawn to gift shops but they seem to have lost their appeal. Maybe it was all the Thomas the Tank stuff. I snuck back in the movie and Boyd was smiling ear-to-ear at the movie. Yea... he was having a good time! Movie ended and we hiked off to see the exhibits and the building where they kept all of the REAL trains. I took sooooo many photos that my camera started showing signs of a low battery and it had been freshly charged this morning. Boyd climbed into every train and train car and insisted I join him. Hour 3 and 4 were full of smiles that said, "I haven't had a nap today... I'm getting hungry... the Seniors are lined up 20 deep at the ladies bathroom... I need a diet Coke... we're missing Oprah". But he never knew... and I'm so glad, because he had a WONDERFUL time!!! And he deserved it!
PS On the way to a restaurant built from an old train depot... he mentioned happily that it might be fun to go on the submarine in Manitowoc next week. Ugh! But, then again I could make a mini album shaped like a submarine and...

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paper rocks said...

The train musuem sounds like fun. Where is it at? I might like to go there. I found your blog by your post at Donna Downey's blog. I am going to look around some more. Thanks for sharing. I love scrapbooking also.