Thursday, June 28, 2007

I love you, Oliver!

This is a photo of our wonderful dog Oliver who died 6 months ago today. To understand that I would commemorate him 6 months later, you'd have to have experienced loving a dog or being loved by a dog. Oliver, also known as Ollie, was a shelter dog that I rescued at 2 years old. He was the friendliest little guy... everybody's buddy. He was gentle and enjoyed visiting Seniors
at homes. He wasn't a barker... just a lover. He licked the back of the mailman's knees when the mailman had his walking shorts on. Ollie was given rides in his mail truck. The UPS man would stop with treats for him even when I wasn't getting a package. He loved Dairy Queen cones and McDonald's cheeseburgers. This photo was taken on Christmas day playing with his favorite toy... a small rawhide chewy. Ollie was 14 years old and 4 days later died in my arms at the animal hospital. He's gone to a place where all of God's loved pets go.


Thimbleanna said...

Oh! What an adorable dog. He sounds just wonderful. Was he a Wheaton terrier? (Not sure that's the right breed -- I only really recognize Westies and Sealyhams in the terrier family. ;-) ) I completely understand why there's a post 6 months later -- our much loved German Shepherd died two years ago and I still miss her. It's the first time we've been without a dog, but decided with the kids leaving home and us working all day that it wouldn't be fair to get a new dog. Hopefully in retirement!

Rhonacs said...

Dogs can be very loving and faithful. Your Oliver sounds like he was loved by all. As you saw on my blog, our two Bichon Frises are my little shadows and follow me from room to room as I move around the house.

Wanda said...

Oh yes, I totally relate!! We had to put down a wonderful Shih Tzu several years ago, our Hildigard "Hildy" Very painful day in our lives. Now we have Molly and she filled the void.

You doggie was adorable, precious and sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

We're huge dog lovers and understand exactly how you feel. Much love to you after such a loss, and blessings to Oliver for a safe journey.