Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bed, Wonderful bed!

I love my bed! I especially love being in it... when it's dark out and my husband's asleep in it and our cat is asleep on it... and I can't be in it because every time I put my head on my pillow... I COUGH! It's a tickle cough. The kind that drives you crazy. The cat scowls at me every time I open my mouth to cough... and then I start sneezing. Our cat thinks she's royalty and this is way beneath her status in this house. I'd like to blame her for my allergies and did, until I had all those allergy tests done and the Doctor said it's "just seasonal"... yes indeedy... spring, summer, and fall. My dear husband has our central air flipped on, even though it's cool out, to weed out the allergens or whatever they're called. So the house is cool-to-cold and I can't get in my wonderful feather bed because I can't stop hacking. It's actually light out now... somehow that makes me feel better. Why is it one can go all day without that tickle or sneeze and the minute you crawl in bed it starts? Time for a cup of tea, my book, and the couch. I foresee a wonderful Sunday afternoon nap today.

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Isabelle said...

Thanks so much for your kind comment. Yes, I did publish a children's novel years ago - in my twenties. Then I had three children, which somehow drained me of time and creativity, and then went back to work - ditto. But I imagine Tolstoy would have managed more nonetheless. Or JK Rowling.

Ah well. Thanks for reading me - was I soporific enough?!

Love your pretty bed!