Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mysteries GROW Around Them!

"A pair of amateur sleuths solve classic mysteries set in gorgeous English gardens".
We love movies and watch a lot of them. When I stumbled across this British series on NETFLIX ( that is a WONDERFUL movie source ), we tried one DVD and then went right to Amazon and bought all 3 Series (although I couldn't seem to find series 2 for the photo.. where is it?). The main characters Laura Thyme & Rosemary Boxer are delightful and addictive. I won't give you their interesting backgrounds, but they meet when they are thrown together over a suspicious death and they use their gardening skills to solve it. Their friendship blossoms and together they look for gardening commissions. Mysteries seem to follow them. The episodes are all filmed on location in stunning English countryside settings. Kew gardens, Regent's Park, a Surrey vineyard and many beautiful English estates are a few of these settings. We enjoyed each and every one of the DVDs and we just started watching them again.
PS When we buy through Amazon we have had very good luck buying used DVDs.


Wanda said...

Wow, thanks for the tip!


Joni, i loooove Rosemary & Thyme. Just the best show, they are quite hysterical really. Felicity Kendall is a special favourite of mine ever since "The Good Life".
Coll :-}