Sunday, June 24, 2007

What inspires your creativity ?

I have some incredible cookbooks that I have bought just for the illustrations. Susan Branch has written and illustrated so many wonderful books to explore. I own them all, but have never made a single recipe. I look through them and get inspired and find ideas for scrapbook pages, etc. Look at the wonderful flowered border on the page below. That will look great on a summer scrap layout.
The bubbles in the photo are some of the jars I bought. I lined them all in a row on my studio window ledge. I did a layout for one of my daughters with the actual plastic bubble wands glued to the page along with this photo of the jars... and of course the picture of her blowing bubbles on a summer day.

I love dishes and needless to say mine are colorful! I bought these in Positano, Italy and carried them between hotels during our month visit. I had grooves in my fingers from the string that they were tied with... worth it to me! Each plate is a different color and has different animals on it. One of the hotels we stayed at had stacks of these on a table and it was always fun to see if anyone got the PIG... he, he, he.

Books and magazines are great places to go for inspiration. These are knitting books... two by Kaffe Fassette. The photos are wonderful... I've browsed though them for many years. The sweaters are all patterned in beautiful colors. If you've not seen one of his books... make an effort. He has a website that is a reflection of all that he is. You'll have to google it.

Paper napkins are a wonderful inspiration... not the Dora the Explorer kind... but the prints. I have some tacked to my bulletin board in my study. And don't forget fabrics.

Everyone has a few special things that really SPARK their creativity! Things that speak to you... scream to you, and say, "How do you like my BEAUTIFUL colors?"... "Notice my shape?"... "You can do this too!!!"... and so on. Sometimes I get so inspired that I can't fall asleep because my mind is like a whirling dervish that is going around and around with ideas. It's something that connects with one of your 5 senses and excites you! And this can vary. Have fun exploring your world and jot down those ideas as they surface.


BonnieRose said...

fyi, re my blog... if ur viewing in explorer, that might be the problem. I can see my blog just fine in firefox.. no probs whatsoever.. fyi.bonnierose.. thks for visiting my blog.

Isabelle said...

Goodness, how on earth do you do all those coloured words? No, actually, don't tell me; I'm not nearly technical enough. But I like them.

Yummers, that tag was for one-word answers. You cheated!

More kitten pictures on today's post...

Beck said...

Look at those coloured words!
I love fancy napkins, too - even the Dora kind. I got my mom a Susan Branch cookbook for her birthday recently and thought it was BEAUTIFUL!

Lucy Locket said...

okay, second attempt to leave a message as my internet connection just crashed! this one will probably be shorter as I have one little person off "poorly" (hmmm!) and she wants feeding! I just wanted to say thankyou for the lovely comment you just left on my blog - I need all the help I can get when it comes to housework so I wish you lived closer too! It is not something that comes naturally!!! Lucy