Sunday, June 10, 2007

Scrapbook Layouts

I forget that pictures load with the last one on the top. So, if I sound redundant it's because I was writing bottom up. I'll catch on to all of this eventually. I haven't shared any scrapbooking ideas recently, so I'll share some tonight. In this photo Wendy was peddling hard to get up the incline and Shamrock was running along beside her. She said that his little legs were getting tired, so she picked him up under her arm and gave him a rest. I tore the paper on the layout to represent the mountain she was riding up.
In this photo Wendy and her Westie Shamrock are kayaking in Alaska. I love his little ears perked up at attention. They lived there 3 months while she and a friend got ready for a trek in Tibet. She made it to Mt Everest but wasn't there to climb. I was able to read about their trek on a website, and "lost it" when they said she had altitude sickness. But, she stabilized and continued on. The title on the layout was cut with my Cricut machine.

This is a 12x12 of Wendy's dog, Shamrock, getting a ride up the hill/mountain in Colorado in a friend's pack. Shamrock goes wherever Wendy travels and has already led "9 lives" during his adventures. On the layout I journaled up the mountain to draw your eyes to the steepness. The snowflakes were made with a good old fashioned potato cut and white paint. I added doodling on them and sequins for a little bling.
PS Shamrock is my GRANDDOG!!


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