Monday, June 18, 2007

Yummy Dollhouses!!!

Both of my girls have dollhouses. We had a wonderful store in the area (when they were little) that had wonderful hand-made dollhouses and the money went to Easter Seals. My mom let them each pick out a house for their birthday. Wendy picked this house because it had a bathroom with a door and she thought it would make a great tornado shelter. Kristin picked out a chalet with scalloped trim (which I rosemalled) and an outside staircase. Kristin was born in Germany when I was teaching there and she felt this style went with the pictures she'd seen of where we lived... Bavaria... near The Black Forest.
Recently, Wendy's house needed some updating! So I made window boxes out of balsa wood and shutters, etc. Then everything got fresh paint. I did some wallpapering and stenciling in the inside, and went on a hunt for new furniture. Fun, fun, fun!!! A BEAR FAMILY moved in (found them on a website in England) and have enjoyed their new cave.
There's such satisfaction in starting a project and completing it. It's like weaving a basket... good for your mental health.

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Maggie said...

oooh I luv your blog and enjoy reading about your dd, congrats on the impending nuptials.
That salad looks fantastic and strawberries and cantaloupe together, will have to try it.
Have a great day come by the forum we have tons of inspirations.