Thursday, June 14, 2007

What do you know about flappers?

When I was working on my daughter Kristin's album, I had so many ideas for a layout using this photo. What fun to work around a flapper photo!! However, when I looked up "flapper" on the internet, I came across so many interesting facts about flappers and that era. I just thought... "Zelda" and "charleston". So I turned the page into a "Did you know..." page. I put the most interesting info into a bulleted list and the page worked so well. The picture told the story without any words... obviously she wasn't dressed for coffee at Starbucks. But the history of "flappers" was REALLY eye-opening!! Just another way of approaching a scrapbook layout... one of so many, many, many!

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Susan said...

I would love to see THAT layout and what you learned about flappers!
thanks for stopping by my blog! glad it made you laugh.
hope the washing machine is fixed quick and cheap!