Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mixed Media Painting

Yes, I'm certainly a bit off-season showing you this painting now, but I saw it this morning when I was digging through the basement storage shelves. It's so typical of the way I play with paint. I don't think of myself as a painter, but I love, love, love to play around with paint. I paint when I get an idea I want to try. I have a mitten collection... mittens from all over the world. I love the bright colors and patterns woven into those cozy hand warmers (I never wear gloves).

And I had to try a painting of a pair of mittens with patterns on them. I love anything whimsical, so 2 mittens alone in the middle of a canvas is 'just right' for my taste. This is acrylics on canvas, with paper added & a bit of yarn. Snowflake stamps pressed on a paint pad soften the background. I played with this paint/paper technique on 4 other canvases... then I was through. It was the process I was interested in rather than the product. But, I like it anyway.

1 comment:

Wanda said...

Unbelievable Art work girlfriend!!! I am so impressed! I love all the different and unique artists I have found in blogland....I love it!!!
The colors of your mittens...great!