Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sam Goes to Archivers

Sam is three years old and if you ask him... he'll hold up 3 fingers. His mom Chris picked me up to go to Archivers with them. I'd love to offer to drive but with 3 car seats in their car, that's out of the question. So, camera in hand, I was ready to take a few pictures. Sam had not been to a scrapbook store... should be interesting!
OK... here I am! What do I do now? Run up and down and around? My mom doesn't want me to touch things... only supposed to look with my eyes. But, I spied some Spiderman stuff over here and I really like Spiderman!

My mom said I could have one... but, JUST ONE! Hmmmmm... I think I like this one the best.

My mom is showing me all kinds of things that she wants to buy. They're nice... but, I'd rather have a Tootsie roll.

Hey... maybe there's a Tootsie hidden under my mom's shirt? Nope... nothing here but my mom!

Maybe there's a Tootsie in her pocket? Hey, hey... there is! Good old mom... she knows what I like.

Thanks mom! You want a bite Mrs. Possin?? OK, then I'll eat it myself... the whole thing. Yum, yum, yum.

I have to go pot-ty!!! Now! Nope I'm not fooling!

Good thing I brought my 'tee-tee' with me. I can rub it on my face... smell it. You want to smell it Mrs. Possin??

Boy, oh boy! I get to carry the bag of stuff my mom got. Spiderman is in my bag... yea!

Wanna sit in the back seat with me, Mrs. Possin? You can sit in Ben's seat!

Yippee... we're out of here! I wanna play in my new sandbox. My dad built it and a dirtbox, too!

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Lucy Locket said...

What fun! And did you sit in the back in Ben's seat I wonder??? Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog - I've been thinking about making Princess and the Pea sets to sell but have no idea what to charge for them and I need to see if my next door neighbour will make me some more beds! I can't wait to have time to read all of your blog - I'm meant to be cooking the children's tea at the moment! You look like fun! Lucy