Friday, June 15, 2007

What book got you hooked??

This is Sam and he loves books just like his 2 brothers. His mom, Chris, has always made certain that there are a lot of books available for the boys to explore the illustrations and/or read. Chris & Kevin have made reading such a priority in their boy's lives! They just built a new home and have a wonderful room on the 1st floor that is a library for the boys. I'll get out there soon and take a picture of it... it's so motivating! It makes you want to drop everything and read.
This is Lauren and her mom, Jen. Lauren loves books!! She has baskets of them and chooses favorites for her mom to read to her. Having your child snuggled on your lap and reading to them, helps them make a wonderful EARLY connection between LOVE and READING. I applaud the families who make this an important part of each day.
The book that hooked me on reading (many moons ago) was Raggedy Ann in Cookie Land. And of course I read it to my girls when they were little. The original copy disappeared, but I did find a copy on Ebay. I did create a scrapbook layout about it.
What was "the book that hooked you?"

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