Sunday, December 2, 2007

A GREAT magazine!

I found this GREAT magazine at Border's Books in Phoenix.
I love it!
Issue 20 - Scandinavian!
Shining a light on Nordic textile traditions Northern stars
Where good design comes naturally
Family record
Karin and the Larsson legend
Print run
Skating the surface of Scandinavian textile design
Cross purpose Fashion and interiors: Pia Wallen travels in all directions
MMF Swedish dream weavers
Let it shine
Only Asa Wettre saw old Swedish quilts in a new light
Plus: Louise Bourgeois, Eco Interiors, Kvadrat, The KA Almgren Mill, Sandra Backlund

Their website is
They have a lovely shop that reflects the magazine.
Here are a few items that were for sale in their shop. I like to look at them for Inspiration.
I love pictures that inspire me... as these did.
Filled with lavender.

A wonderful apron.

Bags made from Kimono fabrics.

Lovely knits!

I love the linen, handknits, and the earthtones.

Yummy bags!!

I can envision branches of holly or evergreens tucked in a bag on the wall.
Mmmmmmm... all the delicious possibilities!!!!

What a wonderful season.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hi Joni! Your magazine looks great. I'll be getting my Scandanavian fix tomorrow when I go to IKEA with some friends! Lucy x

de vliegende koe said...

Wonderful magazine Joni!!! I love the Scandinavian designs and the natural look! I’m having a battle with bloglines. New posts aren’t shown anymore, mine either. Have a wondergful day my dear friend!

Helen Hancock said...

Aahh Joni...your blog is such eye candy! It's a wonderful read. For a non shopper like me.....this is great. The blog reads like a magazine and I just love it and learn so much! Thanks for sharing my friend.

Angie said...

I love the bags on the wall. And, I too could see sprigs of greens, and red berries. . .and all sorts of stuff in them.

I'm off to sew. I miss the feel of fabric. . .and Christmas is just 23 days away! : )


melanie said...

Ah yes the homeland (my mom's maiden name is Petersen (Pedersen). I love all things Scandi, thanks for sharing!

Wanda said...

You continually amaze me with your knowlege and love of fabric! The pictures are wonderful!!!

Junie Moon said...

What wonderful ideas--I love Scandinavian designs.

corry said...

Yummy magazine indeed! Thanks for the link. I sure get inspired there!

Anonymous said...