Monday, December 17, 2007

An idea a day... #12

Christmas Card Holder
Through the years I have displayed our Christmas cards in a variety of ways.
This has proved successful the past few years.
1. As cards arrive, I punch a hole in the upper left corner.
2. I put a metal ring through the holes to hold them together.
3. I tied red and green ribbons on the metal ring to cover it and give it a festive touch.
4. A ribbon looped through the ring and tied in a bow provides a hanger for the card holder.
5. As cards arrive throughout the season, punch a hole in the card, open the ring in the back & slip it on.
6. Hang it anyplace!
After I took this picture, I saw a stack of cards I had forgotten.
It's so easy to add them to the ring.

This idea can be used with any type of cards.
These are cards from my daughters. So many of them are handmade.
I can't bear to throw them away and have kept them on a ring for years.
This ring hangs on a hook screwed into a shelf above my desk.
Every now and then I take them down and look at them or read the precious notes inside.
Metal rings come in a variety of sizes. As your collection grows... add a larger ring.

I know you well enough that someone is thinking, "I wish I could see what those dishes look like in the top picture. OK... here they are! Did I mention how much I love dishes and how many I have?
Most of them are changed seasonally... except the bottom dishes which I hand-carried home from Positano, Italy. My friend Lyn and I met 2 of our other girlfriends there and traveled the country side for a month. Of course I found the dishes during the first week and carried them for 3 more weeks.
Not a wise idea!!!
The book on the top is Susan Branch's Christmas book.
To those tired and stressed people working so hard to make Christmas sparkle for others...
"Oh bed! Oh bed! Delicious bed.
That heaven on earth to the weary head".
~Thomas Hood


Junie Moon said...

What a great idea for the cards and it looks so festive. Your dishes look wonderful and I love the story about handcarrying them back with you.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

That's a good idea for the cards - especially for Fred who this year has really enjoyed reading and re-reading his cards from his friends! The dishes look great!

Love the quote at the end - I have a definitely stress-induced head and neck ache and bed with my book would be great - but too much to do!!!!

Lucy xx

Angie said...

I'm one of those who should be in bed, but as my blog attests, I am not where I should be.


Angie said...

What a wonderful idea for the cards! I'm making a list of your 'ideas'---you really do have some great ones! :> Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Very clever idea. I like your holiday dishes very cute. Carry them around for 3 weeks? That would be something I would have done too.

Wanda said...

Cute Card idea, but the quote on the "Bed" touches my very heart of heart. I have the gift of "napping" you see since I retired. Love your post!

Saucy said...

Now that card idea is one I can really use! Thank you for sharing!

Thimbleanna said...

What a great idea Joni! I have a Christmas card holder, but I really need that idea for all the other cards I get through the year -- I mean, who has a birthday card holder? Or a Easter card holder??? LOL. Thanks for sharing!

Helen Hancock said...

What a wonderful idea for the cards. We had dinner at "Positano's" on Friday night! How is that! The local Italian restaurant that is!

Wendy said...

Wow you are inspiring me to greater things. What a neat idea to show off your cards and also to keep them all together...Great job!! I loved the dish story and would do the same for my horse figurines...