Thursday, December 6, 2007

An idea a day... #4

This was a 'quickie' that I made yesterday afternoon.
It's not perfect... I can see mistakes in the photo that don't seem to show up on the shelf.
But... it was fun to make.
This is what I did... you could do ANYTHING with the basic idea.
1. Cut 2 triangles or tree shapes from felt.
2. I sewed on scraps of green print ribbon... diagonally.
3. I sewed a variety of beads 'on and between' ribbon pieces.
4. Using a button hole stitch and embroidery thread, I stitched along the long sides.
5. Put a dowel into a wooden wheel and painted them... black.
6. I put the dowel into the tree until it hit the peak and stuffed the tree around the dowel.
7. Added a ribbon, tied to represent a star, to the tree top.
I think it would look best in a group of 3 different heights, colors, and styles.
I'll have to get sewing today!
I flip flopped my scrapbook room with my sewing room. It was a lot of work but I love having the sewing machine table in front of this window... especially on a snowy day like yesterday.

A thought for the day...

~~((Choose joy! ))~~

Love you all!


Angie said...

Joni, this is way cute. I don't have nearly enough green ribbon to do this myself. Need to go shopping. . . . : )

But, I love the inspiration!

Happy Thursday!

Heleen said...

I love your tree! And yes, isn't it great to have a look outside while sewing! You made a good working spot.

Anonymous said...

That is cute. It would look good in a group of 3.
We had snow yesterday too, and lots of it.

corry said...

The tree looks so pretty, what a great idea! Your sewing table in front of the window...the best spot. And so tidy!

de vliegende koe said...

Great ideas Joni, the tree, the ribbons. Three in different sizes will be great! The sewing machine in front of the window, dream a little dream...

winithupoo said...

How clever you are -- what a cute little tree! I'm also glad blogger has decided to let you post pictures again. A few days ago when I was reading posts, I couldn't see pictures on anyone with blogspot. And your blog certainly shouldn't be without it's yummy pictures!!!

KCQuilter said...

Oh, what a darling tree!!! Love all the fun projects that are popping up on blogs these days.

melanie said...

love that tree - it's a Lilly P tree :)
you are fabulous! thanks.

Helen Hancock said...

Gorgeous little tree Joni. I love your new view....perfect. And yes...a good reminder at this busy time....I choose "joy"!! Thank you!