Monday, December 10, 2007

An idea a day... #8

Red Twig Decoration
One of my favorite decorations... and probably the easiest to make.
I gathered twigs when the weather was still nice...
and sprayed them with quick dry red paint.
During the holidays they will stand in one of my favorite Polish pitchers on a shelf.
I love the wispy look against our cream walls.
I thought of hanging Scandinavian hearts in the branches,
but I'm enjoying them plain and simple right now.
We'll see what thoughts tomorrow brings.
"Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty,
never grows old."
~Frank Kafka


Helen Hancock said...

You should open a shop my dear friend....your creativity and energy and zest for life is truly contagious and people would flock to see you and your ideas. Take care Joni

Wanda said...

Your home is a Boutique to be enjoyed by all! I like the branches plain... Very elegant!:)

Junie Moon said...

I have been thinking lately about collecting twigs and small branches and making stars out of them but never even thought about something as lovely as your red branches. What a great idea!

Angie said...

Leave them plain. . .just my $.02 worth. : )

I love them. Very classy.

I didn't get any crafting done last night. . . unless you count helping #1 son with a speech on Yellowstone National Park.

I can tell you all sorts of interesting facts about it. Wanna hear some??


Anonymous said...

I like them plain too, they look nice.

melanie said...

absolutely lovely - like winter coral. you are full of crafty goodness :)

Isabelle said...

Very nice. I especially like your... dare I call it a jug?

Kristen said...

Love them! We used to live in Poland and I have tons of the pottery - we went to the little town where it is made and visited 2 of the factories....never thought to put it out at hte holidays!